It is Never Too Late to Say “Thanks”

I remember almost 70% flashbacks of my childhood but honestly I do not remember if anyone asked me to say “thanks uncle, aunty, brother or sister”. Maybe it was not in fashion those days but I remember very well that my wife used to ask my kids to say thanks to everyone without any obligation. I used to avoid this type of formality. I was amazed to listen “Thank you my son” by a lady, having dinner with me. She was mother-in-law of my daughter. My daughter was married a few days ago and both the families were enjoying post marriage reunion.

Annu Baji

(Picture courtesy by Naureen Amir’s album)

The old lady in picture did not say thanks to my daughter, which is very common in our culture during early days of marriage, rather she said it to her son as he served some rice in her plate. I had never seen or heard these words saying to a son by her mother in my life. After their departure a suspicious smile at my face compelled my wife to ask about. I responded confidently “Is it not funny to thank a son by a mother for such a little job of putting rice in her plate?”. I was ashamed at my wife’s bounce back “She is much more civilised than my mother even”.

Just after the death of that Great Lady (my daughter’s mother-in-law) last year, I read THIS blog of my Virtual Mentor. I started practicing it and believe me I feel so comfortable and relaxed when it comes to dealing with my children especially. Thanking someone has much more power to strengthen the relationships than to saying Sorry after wrong doing intentionally / unintentionally. 

“I realised too late. Better start giving thanks today to improve quality of your life. Don’t wait for Thanksgiving Day”




A Leader Without A Party

Abdul Sattar Edhi was uneducated with a background of a class below poverty line. He did not announce his mission, started his career with charity and achieved his goal. He did not prepare any charter or constitution and went on roads, not to earn money but to win hearts and minds of the poor. He served Humanity without any discrimination of Religion, Race, Nationality or Borders.


He was the poorest leader in the world with unlimited cash flow of donations. No government ever dared to ask his balance of accounts just because of his established credibility from the day one. He never addressed a crowd to preaching Religion or National / International Politics. Edhi created a charitable empire out of nothing. He masterminded Pakistan’s largest welfare organisation almost single-handedly, entirely with private company and donations.

You may be wondering why I am calling Edhi “a leader”, but many already understand that a true leader is the one who leads without self-interest. He spoke less but acted much more to motivating the onlookers. So he was the only leader in the world without any office and party. His living room was his office, his assistant was his wife and his podium was ambulance raising voice to give way for the survival of Humanity. A lot is written in his life and even after his death there are so many hidden facts coming up as tribute but still I feel it is too little for him. The point to ponder is that he served the Humanity single-handedly without attaching himself to any existing fields to becoming a “Celebrity”.

“Edhi is not a celebrity who is laid to rest, but it is a mission to act upon”

Religion Can Die But Not The Faith

Religion is an organized ideology. Faith is belief takes birth and grows within. Religion dwells in brain (a physical substance). Faith nurtures in soul (a Spiritual element) as explained in Chapter 7 of “In Search of Lost Humanity“. Brain can be killed but soul is immortal. Brain can be manipulated; its memory can be washed away and rewritten. Soul can be polluted temporarily but is reverted back to purity sooner or later being part of Creator. Don’t you know there is God within you?


Initially every religion, may it be any ideology, tried to make a better human. Many succeeded but greed to rule drifted the motto. Satan was blamed, basically it was the other side of a coin, an evil, a negative force or whatever we name it; every action has a reaction. With the passage of time human race crossed the bridge of survival, entered into an arena of possessiveness. It may be land, wealth or a commodity like Eve (Woman). It was an irresistible situation for religious might. It started manipulation through its organization to overcome the might of evil. The genuine leaders of faith were misinterpreted to impress other organizations; consequently the unanimous message of Creator started getting distorted causing unlimited divisions among humanity. The people of faith depleted, being weaker and weaker as of today.

Divine power tried to express its presence but was ignored. Illusionist and magician were inducted by religious organizations to take over. This process is still on, but every human experiences divinity at least once in a lifetime. It depends how he takes it up. It may be taken as make or break of “Belief”. People, who are hanging in between, a state of confusion, are easy target of any religion. Faithful or people of belief are like stars in the sky.

“Believe yourself and have faith within. Portraying a religious person is a commercial aspect of influence”  

Difference Between Lion and A Chief Justice

This funny title is quite a serious matter in my life. I want to be a lion at home and out in the world. My children feel uncomfortable if I behave like a lion at home, why?


Who doesn’t know “a man is a social animal” but every quote is neither forever nor it is applicable universally. Either it requires amendment or needs to be further elaborated. Need of the time is that it should be amended as “A Man Is Not A Lion“. I will give you just two reasons:

  1. Every human expects to be honoured, provided he deserves it.

  2.  Everyone of us wishes that justice must be done with him, provided he delivers the same to others.

Majority of us are self-centered, a basic human instinct like in animals. If I behave like a lion outside home, my spouse and children feel proud but when I behave similar within home, they feel uncomfortable for the following reasons:

  • On top, if I ask my child to refrain from smoking, I must not smoke myself. It is just an example which encompasses each and every unacceptable act of mine which is reflected in my children and I wouldn’t have any right to stop them doing the same.

  • One can never be perfect or ideal, if I am quite close to it, even then I cannot dictate even a single decision of mine to all the four children uniformly. This is the point where justice is needed and the justice is not a reward or punishment but it begins with proving myself first to be a deserving candidate for any declaration like “don’t tell a lie

“I must make myself accountable for each and every action of my life if I wish my children to be obedient. Justice seen is called Justice done”.


A Lighthouse in A Pile of Trash

It needs just a single vertical bar of equal length to make a + to any -, but it is not that easy. Try to learn from the child in this photo:

Happy (Photo courtesy unclaimed)

I could not learn above technique till I started following My Virtual Mentor in 2014. Whenever I face depressive moments, I receive an email with a blog and I am out of that pile of trash, feeling garlanded just like the child in photo. It was not still so easy as it looks like because you cannot build a tower without plinth. It requires a strong will to make yourself a different person, if circumstances all around are pulling you towards negativity. Your will is like muscles of your arms or legs which cannot become strong enough in few days at gym. I sustained positivity for three months, broke down, taken to hospital unconscious and was diagnosed with EIS (Excessive Information Syndrome) by a Medical Board constituted of a Neurologist, Cardiologist, Psychologist and a Psychiatrist. The hospital was one of the best in the country and so were the specialists. Unfortunately three newly added medicines hit the disease in a wrong manner and converted it into state of hallucination. I used my prerogative to quit these medicines, provided feedback to doctors and started completing my unfinished book

You will be amazed that I had to rewrite the whole book as it was written with more percentage of negativity based information. The blogs of My Virtual Mentor started changing my concept which ultimately added a vertical line to my negativity based mindset. As said “where there is a will, there is a way”, so many other vertical lines like Michele Cushatt, Bryan Hutchinson, Jeff Goins, Randy Hartman and so many more started adding to my negative line mindset. I feel so proud of having so many coaches and fellows around me to help making my life happier than before, better late than never.

“Negative Bar {-} makes your life a termite ridden tree. Try to cross it with an equal vertical bar to make it Positive {+}, re-structuring your life to a Heavenly Happy Green Lighthouse”  

You Cannot Drift My Conviction With Money

I always believed in my own conviction “You can do anything if you are determined“. My personal examples of achievements are for my soul’s satisfaction and may not inspire you, but you can follow me if you are convinced with my conviction “Might is Always Right” where I mentioned three components of Might.

  1. Physical Power

  2. Mental Power

  3. Financial Power

In present era there is a tug of war going on between No.1 (Physical Power) and No.3 (Financial Power), which is normal and No.2 (Mental Power) used to play a role of balancing factor. Unfortunately this balancing factor is losing its authority by aroma of currency:

stock-photo-shovel-up-money-studio-photography-of-american-moneys-of-hundred-dollar-184487681Though it has happened many times in history of my country and every time Physical Power won the tug of war, consequently country broke apart and a blame game is still ON, instead of resolving the matter with the authority of Mental Power. This lack of resolve has once again shifted the Power Centre in favour of Physical Power of the country. This time upcoming Power Centre is using its wisdom along with previous experience to safeguard the sovereignty, solidarity and the security of the country. It does not mean that I intend to drift from my own conviction “Might is Always Right” just because of aroma of currency but:

“Yes the Power Center is shifting towards Physical Power and will be disastrous if Mental Power is not sufficiently mixed into chemical compound of Might. The clouds of WWIII are already above this region where I dwell”  

“We cannot change the Universal Truth but manipulation with wisdom can delay Dooms Day”



Anniversary Can be Happy Or Sad But A Day Can Be Both


We can commemorate a day as Happy or Sad. It depends what happened on that specific day as it is a day in the past, we call Anniversary. Sometimes it is possible that a day brings Sorrow of the past but Happiness of the present. What would you say on such a Day?

(Picture courtesy by Agha Habib Official Photographer PIA)

Today is definitely a sad day for me and my children as my wife Ambreen Ali expired on 1st. June, 2001. I can never claim that we lived a happy life as a whole because one cannot stay happy after telling the Truth especially to his wife. All my fast friends used to advise me not to tell all the truth of life for smooth sailing as they themselves experienced it being my seniors as married professionals. I never agreed and suffered for about fourteen years. One fine evening at the…

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