Take Care of Yourself Even If State Looks After Well

My son,  UK Citizen is quite organized, systematic and never had a carefree attitude throughout his life. To err is a human nature, so he did, consequently his phone dropped in commode. He lives all alone, his whole family is in Pakistan, not to miss any call he takes along his phone even to bathroom.

Salman (Pic. courtesy My Album)

He got a brand new phone but an upper model without any extra cost. He was very happy, texting joyful messages but I annoyed him by asking why he put the phone above the flush tank? I told him earlier during my visit to his residence, the proper place for phone while taking shower, brushing teeth or whatever. I used to repeat my advice almost daily but every time he responded; you need not to make yourself stressful as my phone is insured.

He was right but older people especially parents are bound with another Natural Insurance Package which compels them to take all the precautions prior to learning by mistakes. Almost unlimited experience of learning at the age of 71 is gained not only by doing mistakes but it includes observations and acting upon the advices of older loved ones.

“Children must take all the good advices not only by cooperative attitude but with full concentration to act upon, rather than learning by mistakes only”


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