Treatment of A Sick Nation

We are a sick nation. Our rulers feel proud to providing torture to citizens, while people invent novel techniques to protesting for putting up their demands for self-satisfaction. Media houses manage programs to torture a silent majority of the country who don’t do anything. Law enforcement agencies make special arrangements for earning with entertainment of judicial system. Borders’ safety forces are busy as usual from the day one when British rulers left after managing life long system by drawing two lines named “Control Line and Durand Line” which is further enhanced by terrorists networks. The slogan of so-called Country’s Development is being used since last seventy years to making a failed state instead an Islamic Welfare State. There is no evidence of streamlining the course of history as we have contributed nothing in it. Hence no one can predict about the finish line of our ship whether it will touch the shore or sink into depth of seas.
There is only one option of developing a new civilised generation by means of a process “Be A Better Citizen

Be a Better Citizen

and making them a better human by “In Search of Lost Humanity

In Search with my name & Price.

which leads us to a tolerant society by accepting others’ ideologies as well.

“Try to be Civilised and maximise your Tolerance”



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