Are You Part of WW III Or Crusade?

The Cold War was between two superpowers that broke one and the world became uni-polar. Horrific 9/11 took place at that remaining power’s land, which may be a planned beginning of World War III or a Crusade, I don’t know.

_wtccross_rubble (Image by

Nature has an auto control system to balancing the population and resources. Mostly the activating tool is human that disturbs the balance while natural servo loop is continuously rebalancing it. 9/11 incident was a triggering element to begin either a Crusade or WWIII, the debate started the next day and is still continued. I am confident that no religion is being followed in letter and spirit, hence it does not fulfil the conditions of Crusade. Although there were quite different elements to triggering WW I and even WW II, but as for as results are concerned, it can be easily declared as WW III. Almost two third of the world is ruined and the remaining is suffering from sleepless nights. The struggle for grabbing more resources of world is also destroying the major part of it. The graph of Humanitarian morality is rapidly going to negative. The Nature will soon rebalance the ratio of population vs resources, but The Creator will not send any more Messenger to uplift the Human Morality.

My book “Achay Insan Banain” (Be a Better Human) will be published soon to change the evil mindset, till then:

“Try to improve way of thinking at individual level based on honesty, truthfulness and tolerance”



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