Because You Asked For It

“We must tell the truth always in any case” is the Header of my book “Be a Better Citizen“. I wrote this book for children of 8 to 12 years of age because a cemented habit of older age is almost impossible to detach. In politics this Header becomes irrelevant when they say “There is no final verdict in politics” even if they have the will to tell the Truth as I expected in my previous blog.

you-asked-for-it (Image source

Statesmen normally feel proud to tell a lie within home or outside. It may be compulsion for them for consumption of local voters or to scoring points around the globe. But the results create a hell for nations sometimes. The latest example is clarification about the western route of CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor) by Chinese Officials. This situation could have been avoided by Pakistani Officials by telling the truth to their nation.

I wonder if this practice escalates, it will gradually make Pakistani Officials irrelevant, consequently squeezing the size of National Independence / Freedom during a span of fifteen years; till CPEC is operational.

I am convinced that only upcoming generation will be able to revert this phenomenon by just practicing upon Header of my book in true spirit.

“Make your personal life comfortable just by telling the Truth always in any case”