Are You Part of WW III Or Crusade?

The Cold War was between two superpowers that broke one and the world became uni-polar. Horrific 9/11 took place at that remaining power’s land, which may be a planned beginning of World War III or a Crusade, I don’t know.

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Nature has an auto control system to balancing the population and resources. Mostly the activating tool is human that disturbs the balance while natural servo loop is continuously rebalancing it. 9/11 incident was a triggering element to begin either a Crusade or WWIII, the debate started the next day and is still continued. I am confident that no religion is being followed in letter and spirit, hence it does not fulfil the conditions of Crusade. Although there were quite different elements to triggering WW I and even WW II, but as for as results are concerned, it can be easily declared as WW III. Almost two third of the world is ruined and the remaining is suffering from sleepless nights. The struggle for grabbing more resources of world is also destroying the major part of it. The graph of Humanitarian morality is rapidly going to negative. The Nature will soon rebalance the ratio of population vs resources, but The Creator will not send any more Messenger to uplift the Human Morality.

My book “Achay Insan Banain” (Be a Better Human) will be published soon to change the evil mindset, till then:

“Try to improve way of thinking at individual level based on honesty, truthfulness and tolerance”



Because You Asked For It

“We must tell the truth always in any case” is the Header of my book “Be a Better Citizen“. I wrote this book for children of 8 to 12 years of age because a cemented habit of older age is almost impossible to detach. In politics this Header becomes irrelevant when they say “There is no final verdict in politics” even if they have the will to tell the Truth as I expected in my previous blog.

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Statesmen normally feel proud to tell a lie within home or outside. It may be compulsion for them for consumption of local voters or to scoring points around the globe. But the results create a hell for nations sometimes. The latest example is clarification about the western route of CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor) by Chinese Officials. This situation could have been avoided by Pakistani Officials by telling the truth to their nation.

I wonder if this practice escalates, it will gradually make Pakistani Officials irrelevant, consequently squeezing the size of National Independence / Freedom during a span of fifteen years; till CPEC is operational.

I am convinced that only upcoming generation will be able to revert this phenomenon by just practicing upon Header of my book in true spirit.

“Make your personal life comfortable just by telling the Truth always in any case”

Yes You Can Do It

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is not just a road. It is a combination of multiple projects like roads, energy, infrastructure, port, and various industries. Gwadar is a focal point to serve as a port, to be connected to Khunjerab through multiple routes and will serve different markets and destinations.

pakistan-china-economic-corridor-cpec-route-mapThe said project is probably going to be third game changer for Pakistan. First was Bangladesh March 26, 1971 , second was Nuclear Test 28 May 1998 and now for this third one there are so many ifs & buts till it is operational. Is this a normal feature to be uncertain about any project we start? No, it is not always. It is said “Where there is a will, there is a way”, true, but in this specific case will of two independent nations is to be tested for about fifteen years (2015–2030). As the name implies “economic corridor” itself is too lucrative for the world. Since the existence of human society this phenomenon is converted from struggle to war which is going on among almost all the nations existing or existed. The history of sub-continent is unique with reference to rulers as there have been countless conquerors as compared to other areas on the world map. Almost everyone came to get something and did give something too. Just for example Grand Trunk Road existed during the Maurya Empire, extending from the mouth of the Ganges to the north-western frontier of the Empire.The predecessor of the modern road was rebuilt by Sher Shah Suri, who renovated and extended the ancient Mauryan route in the 16th century. The road was considerably upgraded in the British period between 1833 and 1860.

History tells us that who so ever entered in any region in the name of development has also ruled that region for a certain period or vice versa. Though the subject project is quite different in nature but you never know what happens in next fifteen years. The point I want to make here is that despite China is our historical friend but “The plans of the diligent lead surely to advantage, but a hasty end poverty.”

Our second game changer was the result of learning from the first one, the Dacca Fall, hence this third one must be much wiser than the previous. Every individual Pakistani should be extra careful and contribute his sincere efforts for the betterment of coming generations. 

“You must accept challenge to convert it into opportunity to rise” 

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