Religion is Murderer of Humanity

Abdul Sattar Edhi never claimed that he picks up dead bodies from roads and sewerage lines because he is a Muslim. Kashif told me his real name “Waqas Masih” hesitantly when I insisted, though I was pretty sure about his religion, Christianity. He agreed to let me shoot his picture when I requested “My son! Please stay here for a while to enabling me publish my message to the world”.

Kashif (Photo courtesy by Syed Musarrat Ali)

Kashif is one of the paid Edhis all over Islamic Republic of Pakistan. If Abdul Sattar Edhi had not been in this country, the roads of Karachi city at least, must have been filled by dead bodies. There is also no doubt about it if Kashif like low paid Edhis had not been in this country, there had been no space to walk out of my building at least. This remarkable contribution of making our lives comfortable by Abdul Sattar Edhi and Kashif is not because of Religion (apparently) but just due to ‘Will to Do‘. Abdul Sattar Edhi never claimed that he serves Humanity being a Muslim but just because of his own Will to devoting his life to humanitarian services. Kashif like people in an Islamic state are compelled to do janitorial jobs as Muslims thinks about these jobs against their dignity in front of Muslims, while they do not hesitate to perform these services in non-muslim states.

In nutshell a mindset developed after battling religions has killed the real essence of humanity lesson delivered by all messengers of Creator. Since religious preachers thought to join the power play, humanity started vanishing and now religion is next priority to conquer the planet after no.1 priority of wealth, a factor of “Might is Always Right“.

“Keep Humanity your Top Priority and Religion as your personal matter. You will feel your inner self satisfied and this planet will look better too” 




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