It is Never Too Late to Say “Thanks”

I remember almost 70% flashbacks of my childhood but honestly I do not remember if anyone asked me to say “thanks uncle, aunty, brother or sister”. Maybe it was not in fashion those days but I remember very well that my wife used to ask my kids to say thanks to everyone without any obligation. I used to avoid this type of formality. I was amazed to listen “Thank you my son” by a lady, having dinner with me. She was mother-in-law of my daughter. My daughter was married a few days ago and both the families were enjoying post marriage reunion.

Annu Baji

(Picture courtesy by Naureen Amir’s album)

The old lady in picture did not say thanks to my daughter, which is very common in our culture during early days of marriage, rather she said it to her son as he served some rice in her plate. I had never seen or heard these words saying to a son by her mother in my life. After their departure a suspicious smile at my face compelled my wife to ask about. I responded confidently “Is it not funny to thank a son by a mother for such a little job of putting rice in her plate?”. I was ashamed at my wife’s bounce back “She is much more civilised than my mother even”.

Just after the death of that Great Lady (my daughter’s mother-in-law) last year, I read THIS blog of my Virtual Mentor. I started practicing it and believe me I feel so comfortable and relaxed when it comes to dealing with my children especially. Thanking someone has much more power to strengthen the relationships than to saying Sorry after wrong doing intentionally / unintentionally. 

“I realised too late. Better start giving thanks today to improve quality of your life. Don’t wait for Thanksgiving Day”