Religion Can Die But Not The Faith

Religion is an organized ideology. Faith is belief takes birth and grows within. Religion dwells in brain (a physical substance). Faith nurtures in soul (a Spiritual element) as explained in Chapter 7 of “In Search of Lost Humanity“. Brain can be killed but soul is immortal. Brain can be manipulated; its memory can be washed away and rewritten. Soul can be polluted temporarily but is reverted back to purity sooner or later being part of Creator. Don’t you know there is God within you?


Initially every religion, may it be any ideology, tried to make a better human. Many succeeded but greed to rule drifted the motto. Satan was blamed, basically it was the other side of a coin, an evil, a negative force or whatever we name it; every action has a reaction. With the passage of time human race crossed the bridge of survival, entered into an arena of possessiveness. It may be land, wealth or a commodity like Eve (Woman). It was an irresistible situation for religious might. It started manipulation through its organization to overcome the might of evil. The genuine leaders of faith were misinterpreted to impress other organizations; consequently the unanimous message of Creator started getting distorted causing unlimited divisions among humanity. The people of faith depleted, being weaker and weaker as of today.

Divine power tried to express its presence but was ignored. Illusionist and magician were inducted by religious organizations to take over. This process is still on, but every human experiences divinity at least once in a lifetime. It depends how he takes it up. It may be taken as make or break of “Belief”. People, who are hanging in between, a state of confusion, are easy target of any religion. Faithful or people of belief are like stars in the sky.

“Believe yourself and have faith within. Portraying a religious person is a commercial aspect of influence”