Difference Between Lion and A Chief Justice

This funny title is quite a serious matter in my life. I want to be a lion at home and out in the world. My children feel uncomfortable if I behave like a lion at home, why?


Who doesn’t know “a man is a social animal” but every quote is neither forever nor it is applicable universally. Either it requires amendment or needs to be further elaborated. Need of the time is that it should be amended as “A Man Is Not A Lion“. I will give you just two reasons:

  1. Every human expects to be honoured, provided he deserves it.

  2.  Everyone of us wishes that justice must be done with him, provided he delivers the same to others.

Majority of us are self-centered, a basic human instinct like in animals. If I behave like a lion outside home, my spouse and children feel proud but when I behave similar within home, they feel uncomfortable for the following reasons:

  • On top, if I ask my child to refrain from smoking, I must not smoke myself. It is just an example which encompasses each and every unacceptable act of mine which is reflected in my children and I wouldn’t have any right to stop them doing the same.

  • One can never be perfect or ideal, if I am quite close to it, even then I cannot dictate even a single decision of mine to all the four children uniformly. This is the point where justice is needed and the justice is not a reward or punishment but it begins with proving myself first to be a deserving candidate for any declaration like “don’t tell a lie

“I must make myself accountable for each and every action of my life if I wish my children to be obedient. Justice seen is called Justice done”.



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