A Lighthouse in A Pile of Trash

It needs just a single vertical bar of equal length to make a + to any -, but it is not that easy. Try to learn from the child in this photo:

Happy (Photo courtesy unclaimed)

I could not learn above technique till I started following My Virtual Mentor in 2014. Whenever I face depressive moments, I receive an email with a blog and I am out of that pile of trash, feeling garlanded just like the child in photo. It was not still so easy as it looks like because you cannot build a tower without plinth. It requires a strong will to make yourself a different person, if circumstances all around are pulling you towards negativity. Your will is like muscles of your arms or legs which cannot become strong enough in few days at gym. I sustained positivity for three months, broke down, taken to hospital unconscious and was diagnosed with EIS (Excessive Information Syndrome) by a Medical Board constituted of a Neurologist, Cardiologist, Psychologist and a Psychiatrist. The hospital was one of the best in the country and so were the specialists. Unfortunately three newly added medicines hit the disease in a wrong manner and converted it into state of hallucination. I used my prerogative to quit these medicines, provided feedback to doctors and started completing my unfinished book

You will be amazed that I had to rewrite the whole book as it was written with more percentage of negativity based information. The blogs of My Virtual Mentor started changing my concept which ultimately added a vertical line to my negativity based mindset. As said “where there is a will, there is a way”, so many other vertical lines like Michele Cushatt, Bryan Hutchinson, Jeff Goins, Randy Hartman and so many more started adding to my negative line mindset. I feel so proud of having so many coaches and fellows around me to help making my life happier than before, better late than never.

“Negative Bar {-} makes your life a termite ridden tree. Try to cross it with an equal vertical bar to make it Positive {+}, re-structuring your life to a Heavenly Happy Green Lighthouse”  


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