I Can Bring Down The Drone, Why Can’t you?

Yes, I want to be a part of an exceptional organization to becoming something bigger than myself.

I have tied my life to a Goal, not to People or Things. The Goal is just two steps away:

1. I am confident that one day there will be no state based on religion and all individuals will be free to have their own personal ideologies without creating any disturbance to others.

2. Total available wealth provided by Creator within / outside our planet will be equally distributed among all humans BUT on the basis of righteous efforts, not by snatching from others unethically.

Drone (Picture Copyrighted by www.telesurtv.net)

Is it necessary to fly drone? Either you bring it down or just keep quiet, no need of any explanation to poor citizens. By adopting a lifestyle of Moses, Jesus or Muhammad, we can do business with each other in a peaceful manner. All three were prophets in Abrahamic Religions. Preaching chapter was closed long ago being more than sufficient. There was intense need of actions but unfortunately most of the followers opted preaching as a profession because it was a short-cut to becoming a leader and gather easy money like so-called Politicians. Consequently preaching of various ideologies is ON like “Breaking News” around the globe pertaining to nothing new. Actions are almost NIL. I have no right to tell others, what is right or what is wrong. This is 21st. century where a person living under the ocean or in space knows all Good & Bad. There is no need of any further information about Right or Wrong.

The only Breaking News will be when a Joint Communique of all states of the world will be released from a single platform:

  1. No state will be allowed to include world “Religion” in the Constitution and all individuals must be free to have their ideologies, practice freely without interference with each other.

  2.  The whole unjustified wealth owned by individuals or states will be collected at one unanimously decided place to help needy people / states.

“Where there is a will there is a way”

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