Leaders Should Not Do Hat-tricks

The hat-trick is a classic magic trick where a performer will produce an object (traditionally a rabbit or a bouquet of flowers) out of an apparently empty top hat.


Leaders in pre-historic era used to show their muscles (Physical Power) to prove their leadership in various tribes. Later Almighty blessed his favorite personalities with Miracles under duress to convince people to follow them whole heartedly because they were not impressed by their character only for being a better human. To become a leader is basically a natural instinct of all the creatures. Human has an edge over other creatures by two additional characteristics i.e. Mental Power & Financial Power. In present era of noisy world and chaos, an owner of appropriate balance of these three powers is considered to be a better human. He can be considered as a leader of any civilised and prosperous nation of the world.

Unfortunately “short-cut” phenomenon has become very common, may it be education, job, business, religion or politics. we want to become the best achievers overnight. Not much problem till this point but if it applies to the level of becoming a National Leader, it breaks the plinth of any nation. Leaders made through short cuts behave like an illusionist / magician whereas in fact they are not the ones. they cannot prove their capabilities when people want to make them accountable for their education or business. The most important factor needed to qualify to lead any nation is Honesty, the ladder of true success with inner satisfaction.

“You should become a Man of Character to lead a nation and not just an Illusionist or Magician” 


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