No Mother’s Day Till Dad Comes Home

Here is my story as per commitment to a great blogger who posted a unique phrase on Mother’s Day. This reminded me my father whom I met at the age of 17 and we lived together just one year:

My father (Picture courtesy by Department of Tourism & Archeology India)

I was about one year old when my mother, with four other children, her parents and her five brothers migrated from India to Pakistan in 1948 except my father. He was Chief Guide Department Tourism & Archeology India and opted to stay back till 1963. Whenever I used to demand a little expensive item to play with or of a daily use, she used to say “just wait, till your Dad comes home”

Randy's comments

On this Mother’s day I was disturbed as usual like previous so many years after the death of my mother about 18 years back. This disturbance was enhanced since last fifteen years due to death of my wife, mother of my children. There may be so many cases alike and my disturbance used to multiply thinking about this type of situation while “Happy Mother’s Day” being celebrated all around. I could not overcome depressive phase for about thirty-six hours till I received above post and I laughed spontaneously. But then started crying with repetitive reading as the whole story of my life was running like a movie on my desktop screen. The recall of story made me realise how strong my mother was who raised six children without their Dad coming home.

“Mother’s Day is not just enough, even a whole life is too little to compensate Mother’s givings to her children”



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