You Cannot Be Optimistic Without Fighting

“Texas senator Ted Cruz quits the race after losing to Donald Trump in Indiana” is a bit disturbing news for me though I have nothing to do with International Politics.

Prime Minister of Pakistan offers himself and his family for accountability but does not quit on moral grounds” was already breaking my nerves though I have no more interest in Domestic Politics since Judicial Murder of SZAB.

I was quite disturbed listening a jungle of debates going on media after Panama Papers came out. The reason was very simple that how it is possible for parents to ask their children to act upon the slogan of my book “We should always speak the Truth”.

Book (Picture courtesy by Naureen Amir at Marvi Book Store DHA Karachi)

I am glad to know that my book “Achay Shahri Banain” is still in high demand and parents in Pakistan are still determined to build up a new generation bearing high moral grounds.

I am a little worried about people living in civilised countries like USA if a person like Ted Cruz quits the race after losing to Donald Trump. How is it possible that my upcoming book “Achay Insaan Banain” will be acceptable to the readers? But I am not going to quit half way and will fight till the Finish Line.

My message:

“Do not quit before the game is over and fight till the finish line”


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