Don’t Do in Rome as Romans Do

To get undue advantage represents a privileged class in underdeveloped societies even if we do not belong to any category declared by our Lawmakers. Normally it is declared as VIP category which is very unfortunate because a person with any type of disability must be treated as VIP like in developed societies. I have been getting advantages by hook or crook since my childhood without any conception of right or wrong due to already prevailing culture. I was never told at home or during my studies regarding this issue, rather was taught the other way round i.e behave like a slave in front of any superior and treat all inferiors like slaves of yours. This was not written in any book but could be seen all around in practical life. A correct phenomenon was told only in mosques by the preachers who were just like me in practical life. I had the maximum advantage while being part of active politics and then after my first open heart surgery on 2nd. Dec.1990, which I misused to break the patient’s queue to see the doctor for follow-up any where throughout the country. I was given a lesson to correct myself when I needed a Driver’s Licence during my stay in Chicago USA.

USA Driver Licence

I was standing in a queue at no. 14 of about 70 people in warm weather of June in a shaded hall without air conditioning. A much older lady standing in front of me fell down and fainted. She was picked up in a stretcher by the relevant personals and I was a little upset but thought it will not happen to me as I am not too old and am fine since nine years after surgery. Just after about twenty minutes the same scene was repeated but this time this was with a quite young fatty teenager. I became so nervous that I broke the queue and reached the counter where I requested lady handling the cases to consider me out of turn reasoning with “I am an heart patient and gone through open heart surgery”. I was shocked to listen her response “You just go back at the tail of queue and come in wheel chair to obtain a licence for disabled persons”. Oh lala! I was so ashamed that I just left for home and remain in trauma for three days. Later I didn’t visit that office as I didn’t want to show my face over there. I did go through the whole process in another office but off-course in queue.

“Never ever Do exactly what others are doing whether you live in developed or underdeveloped society. Just follow the Law and respect Moral Values as I have mentioned in my book “Be A Better Citizen

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