I Can Bring Down The Drone, Why Can’t you?

Yes, I want to be a part of an exceptional organization to becoming something bigger than myself.

I have tied my life to a Goal, not to People or Things. The Goal is just two steps away:

1. I am confident that one day there will be no state based on religion and all individuals will be free to have their own personal ideologies without creating any disturbance to others.

2. Total available wealth provided by Creator within / outside our planet will be equally distributed among all humans BUT on the basis of righteous efforts, not by snatching from others unethically.

Drone (Picture Copyrighted by www.telesurtv.net)

Is it necessary to fly drone? Either you bring it down or just keep quiet, no need of any explanation to poor citizens. By adopting a lifestyle of Moses, Jesus or Muhammad, we can do business with each other in a peaceful manner. All three were prophets in Abrahamic Religions. Preaching chapter was closed long ago being more than sufficient. There was intense need of actions but unfortunately most of the followers opted preaching as a profession because it was a short-cut to becoming a leader and gather easy money like so-called Politicians. Consequently preaching of various ideologies is ON like “Breaking News” around the globe pertaining to nothing new. Actions are almost NIL. I have no right to tell others, what is right or what is wrong. This is 21st. century where a person living under the ocean or in space knows all Good & Bad. There is no need of any further information about Right or Wrong.

The only Breaking News will be when a Joint Communique of all states of the world will be released from a single platform:

  1. No state will be allowed to include world “Religion” in the Constitution and all individuals must be free to have their ideologies, practice freely without interference with each other.

  2.  The whole unjustified wealth owned by individuals or states will be collected at one unanimously decided place to help needy people / states.

“Where there is a will there is a way”

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Leaders Should Not Do Hat-tricks

The hat-trick is a classic magic trick where a performer will produce an object (traditionally a rabbit or a bouquet of flowers) out of an apparently empty top hat.


Leaders in pre-historic era used to show their muscles (Physical Power) to prove their leadership in various tribes. Later Almighty blessed his favorite personalities with Miracles under duress to convince people to follow them whole heartedly because they were not impressed by their character only for being a better human. To become a leader is basically a natural instinct of all the creatures. Human has an edge over other creatures by two additional characteristics i.e. Mental Power & Financial Power. In present era of noisy world and chaos, an owner of appropriate balance of these three powers is considered to be a better human. He can be considered as a leader of any civilised and prosperous nation of the world.

Unfortunately “short-cut” phenomenon has become very common, may it be education, job, business, religion or politics. we want to become the best achievers overnight. Not much problem till this point but if it applies to the level of becoming a National Leader, it breaks the plinth of any nation. Leaders made through short cuts behave like an illusionist / magician whereas in fact they are not the ones. they cannot prove their capabilities when people want to make them accountable for their education or business. The most important factor needed to qualify to lead any nation is Honesty, the ladder of true success with inner satisfaction.

“You should become a Man of Character to lead a nation and not just an Illusionist or Magician” 

No Mother’s Day Till Dad Comes Home

Here is my story as per commitment to a great blogger who posted a unique phrase on Mother’s Day. This reminded me my father whom I met at the age of 17 and we lived together just one year:

My father (Picture courtesy by Department of Tourism & Archeology India)

I was about one year old when my mother, with four other children, her parents and her five brothers migrated from India to Pakistan in 1948 except my father. He was Chief Guide Department Tourism & Archeology India and opted to stay back till 1963. Whenever I used to demand a little expensive item to play with or of a daily use, she used to say “just wait, till your Dad comes home”

Randy's comments

On this Mother’s day I was disturbed as usual like previous so many years after the death of my mother about 18 years back. This disturbance was enhanced since last fifteen years due to death of my wife, mother of my children. There may be so many cases alike and my disturbance used to multiply thinking about this type of situation while “Happy Mother’s Day” being celebrated all around. I could not overcome depressive phase for about thirty-six hours till I received above post and I laughed spontaneously. But then started crying with repetitive reading as the whole story of my life was running like a movie on my desktop screen. The recall of story made me realise how strong my mother was who raised six children without their Dad coming home.

“Mother’s Day is not just enough, even a whole life is too little to compensate Mother’s givings to her children”


You Cannot Be Optimistic Without Fighting

“Texas senator Ted Cruz quits the race after losing to Donald Trump in Indiana” is a bit disturbing news for me though I have nothing to do with International Politics.

Prime Minister of Pakistan offers himself and his family for accountability but does not quit on moral grounds” was already breaking my nerves though I have no more interest in Domestic Politics since Judicial Murder of SZAB.

I was quite disturbed listening a jungle of debates going on media after Panama Papers came out. The reason was very simple that how it is possible for parents to ask their children to act upon the slogan of my book “We should always speak the Truth”.

Book (Picture courtesy by Naureen Amir at Marvi Book Store DHA Karachi)

I am glad to know that my book “Achay Shahri Banain” is still in high demand and parents in Pakistan are still determined to build up a new generation bearing high moral grounds.

I am a little worried about people living in civilised countries like USA if a person like Ted Cruz quits the race after losing to Donald Trump. How is it possible that my upcoming book “Achay Insaan Banain” will be acceptable to the readers? But I am not going to quit half way and will fight till the Finish Line.

My message:

“Do not quit before the game is over and fight till the finish line”

Don’t Do in Rome as Romans Do

To get undue advantage represents a privileged class in underdeveloped societies even if we do not belong to any category declared by our Lawmakers. Normally it is declared as VIP category which is very unfortunate because a person with any type of disability must be treated as VIP like in developed societies. I have been getting advantages by hook or crook since my childhood without any conception of right or wrong due to already prevailing culture. I was never told at home or during my studies regarding this issue, rather was taught the other way round i.e behave like a slave in front of any superior and treat all inferiors like slaves of yours. This was not written in any book but could be seen all around in practical life. A correct phenomenon was told only in mosques by the preachers who were just like me in practical life. I had the maximum advantage while being part of active politics and then after my first open heart surgery on 2nd. Dec.1990, which I misused to break the patient’s queue to see the doctor for follow-up any where throughout the country. I was given a lesson to correct myself when I needed a Driver’s Licence during my stay in Chicago USA.

USA Driver Licence

I was standing in a queue at no. 14 of about 70 people in warm weather of June in a shaded hall without air conditioning. A much older lady standing in front of me fell down and fainted. She was picked up in a stretcher by the relevant personals and I was a little upset but thought it will not happen to me as I am not too old and am fine since nine years after surgery. Just after about twenty minutes the same scene was repeated but this time this was with a quite young fatty teenager. I became so nervous that I broke the queue and reached the counter where I requested lady handling the cases to consider me out of turn reasoning with “I am an heart patient and gone through open heart surgery”. I was shocked to listen her response “You just go back at the tail of queue and come in wheel chair to obtain a licence for disabled persons”. Oh lala! I was so ashamed that I just left for home and remain in trauma for three days. Later I didn’t visit that office as I didn’t want to show my face over there. I did go through the whole process in another office but off-course in queue.

“Never ever Do exactly what others are doing whether you live in developed or underdeveloped society. Just follow the Law and respect Moral Values as I have mentioned in my book “Be A Better Citizen

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