You Will Be Proud of Your Nation

Thanks to The Creator for enabling me to sit in my self-made office within my own bedroom after about two weeks bed rest as per advice of my Cardiologist due to genuine angina, not like our rulers’ lame excuses to flee from some national issue. About 300 of my cousins can believe me as trouble started during a wedding of my nephew & niece. My grand-daughter captured the moment while shaking hand with my eldest cousin without paying respect by standing up to avoid further fatigue. This picture was posted on Facebook with a caption ‘Cousins & Cousins‘.

Yes my grand-daughter is grown up now and asks me “Dada, when will you complete your upcoming book ‘Be a Better Human’ as I would like to understand the difference between ‘Be a Better Citizen‘ and ‘Be a Better Human’.

Me with Dua (Picture Courtesy by My eldest daughter Naureen Amir at my 70th. Birthday)

Her question made me uncomfortable to answer as I anticipated that she will come up with next question that I must have written ‘Be a Better Human’ first and then ‘Be a Better Citizen’. But I explained with a conviction that a book written for children aged 9 to 11 years must not be involved in Spiritual and Faith Issues, rather they must understand to be civilised only at this stage like the basics of Mannerism. As she is mentally bright like other children of her era, hence she raised an unexpected question:

“Dada, why our Ex. Presidents, our Prime Minister, our Education Minister and all other Political leaders tell so many lies?”

I asked her “How did you come to know this fact?” She replied “Don’t you know I watch CID drama since you told me that your uncle used to call you CID inspector when you were a child”. I was speechless but even with helplessness I advised her:

“You must always try to tell the Truth and I am confident that if your generation starts this act right from this moment, you will be proud of your Nation”




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