Why Don’t You Move Karachi to Islamabad?

23rd. August 1964 was my first day in Karachi to join Pakistan International Airlines the very next day. I used to be an all round Sportsman, a Scout, a Students’ Union activist and what not while studying in Govt. Polytechnic Institute Rawalpindi for three years. I had my personal opinion about Two Nations Theory and was beaten-up by my college fellows many times. I could not contain myself and started Trade Union activities within a week. Fortunately I was picked up by President of a Labour Union just because of harmony in our ideology that the division of Sub-continent had nothing to do with Muslims or Hindus. It was just a desperate commercial mindset which was unable to compete against giants like Tata and Birla. I am glad that now this debate has started on e-media after 52 years.

PIA1 (Picture courtesy by the Mindset of Personal Interests)

Not only the Pakistan’s History of Creation is distorted but the Geography of the country is being manipulated according to interests of Rulers who rule this country like Mogul Emperors. Capital of the country was Karachi being the largest city according to population and maximum revenue generating port, was moved to Islamabad in 60s then Naval Headquarter, Karachi Stock Exchange and now CRC (Central Reservation Control) Pakistan International Airlines. Online reservation is done and controlled in Atlanta and a minimum physical setup is based at Karachi being the Head Office of Corporation. All these steps can be translated into an assistance to the mindset working against the bonding of Federal system and encouragement to the forces against sovereignty of the country.

“I am confident that there are Forces in the remaining part of Pakistan who have a WATCH on above stated elements and can never ever allow to repeat another Dacca Fall”



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