Extremism Nurtures Terrorism

“Extremism is the enemy of tolerance. My father is behaving like a terrorist.” said a 26 years old Californian Pakistani-American photographer and wife of a Pakistani Fashion Designer graduated from Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture Karachi.

Sawera AmirI was shocked to listen when this child told me last night that she left America because her father is very active in U.S. Presidential Election and supporting Donald Trump. Since last November he stays at home too little, behaves extraordinarily abnormal with us even during such a short stay. He was a very loving father, extraordinarily polite and caring. My mother asked him to support Hillary but he refused with an extreme anger. I was not feeling comfortable since then, she further said, decided to come back and stay with my uncle in Karachi. Got married with a boy who designed my wedding dress, luckily he is my cousin too.

Her better half, friend of my son told me that he has moved his business to Multan as Donald Trump like people asked me at gunpoint to hand over the boutique business at the time of take off at Zamzama Mall. Now we will set up again over there. He was too disturbed when I asked both of them “What will you do next if you face another Donald Trump in Multan?” Discussions went on for about four hours and finally both of them settled down after reading my blog “Might is Always Right” and “خالقِ کائنات کا پہلا سبق “. I advised them to read my book “In Search of Lost Humanity” if they get time out of their business and wish to see a change in the world.

“Extremist Attitude and Lack of Tolerance will diminish Humanity”


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