Heaven is Here on Earth

Yes Heaven is here on earth but we deserve it a very few times according to our very few good deeds. People say Almighty decides about our deeds. No, our Soul decides it as the Soul is placed in our skeleton by Creator and is a minute fraction of the Owner. A satisfied and peaceful Soul is the indication of skeleton’s good deeds while obviously a nervous soul is the sign of bad acts. The built-in tool which gauges the status of soul is called Conscience, a comprehensive word of “Controller of Science” of every individual. It is difficult to remember our past good and bad deeds but we can analyze by sampling a few. I mostly enjoy Heavenly moments like my first ever celebrated Birthday at the age of  15 years. Yes that is a mere fact as I never heard of it earlier.

15th. Birthday0001 (Picture courtesy Gov. Polytechnic Institute Rawalpindi)

I am so grateful to my Superintendent Ch. M. Saeed and all my Boarding House fellows who took me to Lehtrar Valley from Islamabad to celebrate my Birthday. Not only the valley looked like Heavenly place but the company surely was a reward of my some good acts.

Although there were so many occasions I can recall but my 70th. Birthday’s celebration was not less than a reward to some good act of mine as I forgot all my Have Nots like Late wife and two children living abroad. My eldest daughter managed and implemented my idea. Her husband, her three sons, my eldest son’s daughter shared their absolute joy and happiness.

70th. BDay (Image courtesy Abdul Ahad, my grandson)

Main objective of mine was to provide some relief to Mr. Ahsan Siddiqui (Father-in-Law of my daughter) who became single parent recently. Who else can feel the suffering better than me since last 15 years. May this act of mine be rewarded but my soul is extremely satisfied and peaceful.

“You should make others happy to keep yourself happy”

“Be happy with whatever you have in hand”



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