Keep Your Autopilot “ON” Throughout Life

It is not too difficult to get 82% marks in any examination like I did in Ab Initio Aviation Technology course when I was Mechanic in 1965. In the first subject “Theory of Flight” I learned that an equilibrium of four factors enables an aeroplane to maintain a Straight & Level flight and these are Thrust, Drag, Gravity and Lift.

Theory of Flightplane

  (Image courtesy Pakistan International Training Centre, Karachi)

During a Test Flight as Aircraft Engineer I came to know practically how difficult it is to maintain a “Straight & Level” flight in bad weather conditions even for an Automatic Flight Control System (AFCS). But that time was still an evolutionary stage of International Aviation Industry. A few years later Automatic Flight Guidance System was installed and then it was too easy to maintain a Straight & Level flight, rather there was not much problem in Automatic Landing even in Windshear, most critical phase of flight.

For Skype

(Image from personal stock)

The point I want to make is that there is a hell of a difference in above stated two systems, basically similar but the later one is drastically improved to cater almost all the risks of drifting the plane in bad weather conditions. The Guidance system replaces the Human Pilot to an unimaginable level where no manual interference is needed. The Guidance therefore is the priority.

“We need to take guidance from anywhere like spiritual to cater all the evils causing us to drift off the right course of our life” 



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