Why Don’t You Move Karachi to Islamabad?

23rd. August 1964 was my first day in Karachi to join Pakistan International Airlines the very next day. I used to be an all round Sportsman, a Scout, a Students’ Union activist and what not while studying in Govt. Polytechnic Institute Rawalpindi for three years. I had my personal opinion about Two Nations Theory and was beaten-up by my college fellows many times. I could not contain myself and started Trade Union activities within a week. Fortunately I was picked up by President of a Labour Union just because of harmony in our ideology that the division of Sub-continent had nothing to do with Muslims or Hindus. It was just a desperate commercial mindset which was unable to compete against giants like Tata and Birla. I am glad that now this debate has started on e-media after 52 years.

PIA1 (Picture courtesy by the Mindset of Personal Interests)

Not only the Pakistan’s History of Creation is distorted but the Geography of the country is being manipulated according to interests of Rulers who rule this country like Mogul Emperors. Capital of the country was Karachi being the largest city according to population and maximum revenue generating port, was moved to Islamabad in 60s then Naval Headquarter, Karachi Stock Exchange and now CRC (Central Reservation Control) Pakistan International Airlines. Online reservation is done and controlled in Atlanta and a minimum physical setup is based at Karachi being the Head Office of Corporation. All these steps can be translated into an assistance to the mindset working against the bonding of Federal system and encouragement to the forces against sovereignty of the country.

“I am confident that there are Forces in the remaining part of Pakistan who have a WATCH on above stated elements and can never ever allow to repeat another Dacca Fall”



Extremism Nurtures Terrorism

“Extremism is the enemy of tolerance. My father is behaving like a terrorist.” said a 26 years old Californian Pakistani-American photographer and wife of a Pakistani Fashion Designer graduated from Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture Karachi.

Sawera AmirI was shocked to listen when this child told me last night that she left America because her father is very active in U.S. Presidential Election and supporting Donald Trump. Since last November he stays at home too little, behaves extraordinarily abnormal with us even during such a short stay. He was a very loving father, extraordinarily polite and caring. My mother asked him to support Hillary but he refused with an extreme anger. I was not feeling comfortable since then, she further said, decided to come back and stay with my uncle in Karachi. Got married with a boy who designed my wedding dress, luckily he is my cousin too.

Her better half, friend of my son told me that he has moved his business to Multan as Donald Trump like people asked me at gunpoint to hand over the boutique business at the time of take off at Zamzama Mall. Now we will set up again over there. He was too disturbed when I asked both of them “What will you do next if you face another Donald Trump in Multan?” Discussions went on for about four hours and finally both of them settled down after reading my blog “Might is Always Right” and “خالقِ کائنات کا پہلا سبق “. I advised them to read my book “In Search of Lost Humanity” if they get time out of their business and wish to see a change in the world.

“Extremist Attitude and Lack of Tolerance will diminish Humanity”

Heaven is Here on Earth

Yes Heaven is here on earth but we deserve it a very few times according to our very few good deeds. People say Almighty decides about our deeds. No, our Soul decides it as the Soul is placed in our skeleton by Creator and is a minute fraction of the Owner. A satisfied and peaceful Soul is the indication of skeleton’s good deeds while obviously a nervous soul is the sign of bad acts. The built-in tool which gauges the status of soul is called Conscience, a comprehensive word of “Controller of Science” of every individual. It is difficult to remember our past good and bad deeds but we can analyze by sampling a few. I mostly enjoy Heavenly moments like my first ever celebrated Birthday at the age of  15 years. Yes that is a mere fact as I never heard of it earlier.

15th. Birthday0001 (Picture courtesy Gov. Polytechnic Institute Rawalpindi)

I am so grateful to my Superintendent Ch. M. Saeed and all my Boarding House fellows who took me to Lehtrar Valley from Islamabad to celebrate my Birthday. Not only the valley looked like Heavenly place but the company surely was a reward of my some good acts.

Although there were so many occasions I can recall but my 70th. Birthday’s celebration was not less than a reward to some good act of mine as I forgot all my Have Nots like Late wife and two children living abroad. My eldest daughter managed and implemented my idea. Her husband, her three sons, my eldest son’s daughter shared their absolute joy and happiness.

70th. BDay (Image courtesy Abdul Ahad, my grandson)

Main objective of mine was to provide some relief to Mr. Ahsan Siddiqui (Father-in-Law of my daughter) who became single parent recently. Who else can feel the suffering better than me since last 15 years. May this act of mine be rewarded but my soul is extremely satisfied and peaceful.

“You should make others happy to keep yourself happy”

“Be happy with whatever you have in hand”


Keep Your Autopilot “ON” Throughout Life

It is not too difficult to get 82% marks in any examination like I did in Ab Initio Aviation Technology course when I was Mechanic in 1965. In the first subject “Theory of Flight” I learned that an equilibrium of four factors enables an aeroplane to maintain a Straight & Level flight and these are Thrust, Drag, Gravity and Lift.

Theory of Flightplane

  (Image courtesy Pakistan International Training Centre, Karachi)

During a Test Flight as Aircraft Engineer I came to know practically how difficult it is to maintain a “Straight & Level” flight in bad weather conditions even for an Automatic Flight Control System (AFCS). But that time was still an evolutionary stage of International Aviation Industry. A few years later Automatic Flight Guidance System was installed and then it was too easy to maintain a Straight & Level flight, rather there was not much problem in Automatic Landing even in Windshear, most critical phase of flight.

For Skype

(Image from personal stock)

The point I want to make is that there is a hell of a difference in above stated two systems, basically similar but the later one is drastically improved to cater almost all the risks of drifting the plane in bad weather conditions. The Guidance system replaces the Human Pilot to an unimaginable level where no manual interference is needed. The Guidance therefore is the priority.

“We need to take guidance from anywhere like spiritual to cater all the evils causing us to drift off the right course of our life”