There is no Supplement like Children

With 4 children(My 2+2 Lifeboat)

Life is a gift of Creator and we try to safeguard its wellness with all possible efforts. Sometimes intentionally or unintentionally it comes under threat and chance of survival seems almost negligible. At this moment if we hear someone saying “Relax, you are out of danger” is like a  situation of a person who, while just to drown in the middle of ocean accidentally, gets a life boat by a rescue party and the state of mind instantly changes towards final survival.

At times families are temporarily disintegrated, may be due to studies or jobs of children and for sure through marriages of daughters. Parents are left behind at their own happily. A time comes when they need their loved one to be with them all the time, especially as a single parent, which may not be practically possible due busyness of every one’s life and they have to live with it. Emotional factor plays a vital role in our lives and can make or break our life’s string. We can overcome this factor by “LifeScore™ Assessment Tool” designed and built by Michael Hyatt, My Mentor. There are 9 factors that can be gauged and Emotions are one of them. As soon as I started using it, I felt that my children’s life boat (Re-union) has landed at the Seashore. I have experienced that emotions played a major role throughout life by increasing the level of energy being generated through affection and love, while killing me like anything if they are caused by missing my loved ones. Better late than never, I started trying to overcome these types of stressful emotions after my second time open heart surgery in the year 2010 because my cardiologist advised me that use medication and discard stress if you want to live. To deliver an advisory lecture is very easy but to act upon is the most difficult part of it. I did it and survived till this moment I am typing.

Is there any novel idea in above two paragraphs? Answer is big NO, as this is 21st. century, even the following paragraph is not going to re-invent the wheel but I will put stress on one phrase only:

When we use our Will Power with a conviction that “Yes I can do it”, a Divine Power is injected by some means to boost our conviction.

There are millions and millions of blogs, article and write-ups on Personal development,  Will Power Improvement, Meditation Courses on line etc., definitely people are being benefited by all this material but my belief is that without the injection of Divine Power, we cannot achieve our goal, people are lucky who are injected with this Supplement.




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