Wonder is Extra Ordinary Beauty of Creator

At Grand Canyon0002 (At Grand Canyon 1989)

A weekend trip from Phoenix to Sedona and Grand Canyon during summer was not very hectic. Most of the time we were involved in paper route map as there was no GPS navigation at that time. The choice was of mine as when I watched David Copperfield (Magician/Illusionist) crossing the nine mile wide canyon in a sitting yoga style up in the air, it looked too beautiful on television. I wanted to re-enjoy those scenes just being over that point. I did enjoy but raised a question to people then and there “Does it look beautiful or horribly wonderful?” Almost every one present there from around the globe responded “Oh my god, it is scary to look one mile down but it is wonderful to look around”.

Extra ordinary beauty that wonders us is called wonderful beauty or simply “Wonder” like Taj Mahal, one of the Wonders of the World.

5with arrow (My father with some honorable guests in front of Taj Mahal 1957)

My father’s job as Head of Archeological and Tourism Department UP-India was to explain the history of Mogul’s architecture to the dignitaries from all over the world. He told me that none of them said Taj as wonder but “Beautiful” a spontaneous response.

Beauty may be in someone’s words, deeds or actions. Any extra ordinary phrase said or written by an intellectual can be classified as “Wonderful Quote” just because of its extreme beauty of formation. A person disabled in some accident but after overcoming the trauma and defeat to disability is called a Wonderful Person. Even after cure of cancer, fight to live is called as a wonderful act of that person.

A lover or beloved may not be necessarily beautiful apparently but a wonderful lover or beloved is glued in our heart and brain as his / her beauty is extra ordinary which is gauged through multiple dimensions.

“Beauty of anything is Mortal but the Wonder is Immortal” like Soul & Skeleton an excerpt from my book “In Search of Lost Humanity


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