Free Anti-virus System for Humans

This image is of my brain CT scan taken in 2015 while the article was written in 2005 at my PC with Microprocessor P-2.

Today most of the children know that their PC (Personal Computer purchased from market) must have an Antivirus system to safeguard it from different virus attacks which results in crashing of their PC (Personal Computer purchased from market). There are many soft- ware companies selling their Antivirus soft-ware. Free of charge / Trial packages are also available on line. Intelligent children can find out free Antivirus Programs from different websites. Latest operating systems are with Antivirus as built-in feature. It is extremely fortunate that Our IC (Individual Computer gifted by Creator) i.e. “THE BRAIN” already has got a lifetime built-in Antivirus system protecting our IC (Individual Computer gifted by Creator) from all kinds of viruses, provided it is activated by our “Self or Conscience” 24 / 7.

It is extremely unfortunate that many of us (including myself) do not keep it activated or updated; viruses keep on attacking, corrupting files and folders, damaging programs and ultimately crashing the operating system. The result is high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack, cancer, aids etc.  Most unfortunate part is that just like in case of PC (Personal Computer purchased from market), instead of reporting the problem to the vendor we purchase pirated cheap CDs to resolve the problem, in case of IC (Individual Computer gifted by Creator) we purchase pirated expensive Medicines instead of contacting the vendor “Creator”. There are so many procedures to contact the vendor “Creator” but at this point we must have a clear concept of root cause of Virus attack.

We must scan our IC (Individual Computer gifted by Creator, The Brain) as with just a click of mouse button we can activate the already installed scanning system in our PC (Personal Computer purchased from market), in the same manner with just a click of our Conscience, we can activate our brain scanning system and like Microsoft there are no system requirements i.e. we may be Muslim, Christian, Hindu or any other oldest version. Minimum requirement is that we must be a Skeleton with Soul. The reason is that all creatures have “Conscience” and this substance represents “Creator “as we cannot see both but can feel both of them. Both of them can never die and are monitoring 24 / 7. This built-in scanning system will automatically detect the Virus (Evil Thoughts or negative force) for which Satan is being blamed from the day one.

We must try to Delete the Infected Thoughts by using positivity through meditation, concentration, confidence and will power which are already present as major portion of the Soul and do not let the negative force damage the Skeleton. If we do not perform these procedures, then definitely self declared powerful factors (So called Scholars of religions) will attack and hijack all the positive factors to convert them in to negative ones for their vested interests. In this manner we will be encouraging to prevail the phenomenon of “Might is always Right”. Now to continue our Operating System working, we will face minimum difficulties because after running above procedure of Auto Scan, we will be left with defragmented hard disk ( Our Brain ) carrying more free space for positive thoughts. These positive thoughts in our brain will produce multiple useful execution files to strengthen the power of Utility Tool Kit. This package contains following fighting forces required to eliminate all types of evils (Diseases) out of the soul causing damage to Skeleton.

  • All types of Acids required dissolving any material intake.
  • All types of Alkalis required to countering excessive / unwanted Acids.
  • All types of Minerals required for the constitution of body.
  • All types of Salts and various other chemicals required to balancing the ratio of Electrolytes within the body.
  • All types of Multi-vitamins needed to give strength to the body by reducing de-generation of bones and muscles.
  • All types of Lipids (required levels / ratio of multiple types of fats) required for the easy movements of joints, maintaining energy level assisting in increasing life and avoid premature stiffness or breakdown.

Above stated elements are basic and very few out of unlimited Free of Charge Downloads from the brain. Scientist and Research Scholars have done a lot for us. They are still working around the globe, round the clock not for self but to serve the Humanity. Unfortunately focus of the rulers is only on planning how to extend their tenure of rule and to grabbing more land and wealth for their families only. Religious scholars are not exempted as they always represent the mightier to get support for their survival.