My Hobbies


Whatever I did in my life did it as a hobby. I never believed in planning for tomorrow and enjoyed today as I wanted to:

  1. Playing Table Tennis in College became my hobby which made me YMCA Champion and All Pakistan Silver Cup Organizer cum Runner-up at the age of 15.
  2. An unplanned job of Aviation Engineer for 41 years, but enjoyed repairing Automatic Flight Control System of all aircrafts. It became my hobby to repair any electrical or electronic item right from Cell phone to Airplane as I enjoyed it. Remained Table Tennis Champion, Manager and Coach for thirty five years.
  3. Basic instinct of beauty lover made me travel many countries repeatedly which can be stated as hobby of mine but married once and enjoyed the family life the most for about twenty five years till death of my spouse.
  4. After retirement, started writing articles and columns for as free lance writer, received “Best Performance” Certificate through which I was picked up to set up a weekly bi-lingual Newspaper to be published on-line from Kuala Lumpur and assigned a job of Consulting Editor.
  5. Tried to write few articles for and received “Expert Author” Certificate.
  6. To keep myself busy at my maximum entered in Social Media where I am enjoying special status by Twitter, Face Book, LinkedIn,, and Google Plus.
  7. All the above hobbies could not satisfy my inner soul till I transferred my whole life’s thoughts in to a book “Achhay Shari Banain” in my National Language (Urdu) for the coming generation and was a bit satisfied when it became published by one of the top most publisher of the country, Paramount Publishers. The English version of it is self published and is for sale on
  8. Still I was very uncomfortable due to the perception of mine that the humanity is divided in to Have & Have Not and is almost lost due to boundaries of Religions & Geopolitics. Hence I transformed my thoughts in to a book “In Search of Lost Humanity” which is also for sale on
  9. Finally “Flashback” is a book in hand to describe my life in a true perspective of mine as a whole.
  10. All above stated are my hobbies and nothing to do with earning money except Aviation’s job which I did for living of mine and my family. My aim is to make the coming generation to take life as Positive and act positively for maintenance of our Planet’s beauty. I am thankful to all Entrepreneurs of above stated social Media and especially MY Mentor “Michael Hyatt”. I have learned and have to still learn a lot. Please note that it is “One man’s show” throughout. I am just a free lancer and do not own any company, neither I have any team, not even a co-worker with me.

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