I Want to Earn Humanity Not Money

Ganges What if oldest religion followers gather at Ganges for worship? Did this deliver any service to reduce hunger or killing of innocence within India even?

Vatican What if a huge gathering in Vatican every now and then? Did it bring peace or tolerance anywhere in the world?

Haj What if there is largest crowd at Makkah every year? Did it bring any harmony among themselves, peace, tolerance or reduce the hatred among the different sects?

Jews What if a Jewish state came into existence for the survival of its ideological followers just in the middle of many Islamic states? Did it reduce the conflict of ideologies or aggravated the problem every passing day like Indo-Pak conflict?

Answers to all above questions are definitely negative which if someone deny, lives in a fools’ paradise.

My whole life is accidental like my birth which was not in my control and so is of anyone’s. My migration from one country to another at the age of 8 months was accidental. I completed my secondary education accidentally as I was not much interested in British History, Pak Studies, Mughals history, Trigonometry or Calculus, but like a sheep in a herd I went on with undigested subjects along with five of my cousins and lot of friends. I got admission in Polytechnic Institute to become a technician in industry and after few zig zag dropped in an International Airlines accidentally with another herd. Here I enjoyed working and became the first youngest Aeronautical engineer with my hard work and devotion to be proud of for remaining life. I never expected to be retired one day and the whole hardship will be zero one day due to prevailing system in my country. It took one year to settle down then intentionally reverted to my built-in feature of expressing my thoughts since childhood. I am enjoying fighting negativity all around 24/7/365 as I have a different perspective of Universe which is other than taught by elders, school and society. I have the edge to further think differently due to multidimensional experience by travelling around the world except Australia.

My belief is: The Creator of Universe is a Scientist, hence I believe in Science not Religion. Might is always right is the basic principal of all creatures. I have to be physically fit to survive in this world of “Survival of the Fittest” with an amount of money to survive only.


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