Is “www” A Trap Or A Great Help to Humanity?

web We all know that web is basically a trap build up by a spider to catch hold of her prey and store it for coming days of need. Once a tip of leg of a fly touches any thread of a web, it becomes impossible to detach it and finally the whole fly is covered up with a tight bunch of spider’s thread where it succumbs to death. This is the easiest way of hunting in the world. Beginning of World Wide Web was portrayed by narrow-minded people as the biggest threat to non-users/under developed class throughout the world as happens to every new invention, discovery or exploration. But even after slight misuse, people came to know the beneficial utilization of it which helped in changing the whole world. The social, economical, geographical, historical outcome of Internet brought a revolution which formulated this huge world in to a Global Village where each and every hut became so powerful that monitoring was quite complicated. As history tells us about some inventions were very well utilised for humanity while others were too destructive like atom bomb.

www I am of the view that “www” is in between the gravitational pull and atom bomb. It benefitted me when I was at the death-bed. I didn’t need to dress up and still can attend a webinar/podcast addressed by world’s top leaders, scholars, authors and other intellectuals. There are people making money via internet for their living, entrepreneurs becoming wealthy but I look at the positivity that so many are teaching and helping others to uplift their morals, courage, will power and to enjoying a second but better life. I am thankful to all such great people, no list can be prepared for such humans.

House on Island  Even if someone is totally isolated, he or she can never have a feeling of loneliness through social media, studying/writing books or uploading his / her thoughts to the world is a child’s play now. There is no doubt about the fact that generation gap is widening due to 4G technology or Cloud system but this is not the fault of technology rather it is the cause of an old saying’s implementation i.e “Excess of everything is bad”. The kids who used to live a disorganised and unplanned life without any time table were in loss in older days as they are in present age. We must follow an organised, disciplined and pollution free life pattern which is followed by Nature i.e The Sun, Moon, Rotation of Planets etc.


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