Do Heaven And Hell Exist?

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Any place of supreme happiness or great comfort can be called as Heaven. A common concept of Heaven is often described as a “highest place”, the “holiest place” or a place somewhere in which existence is positive, harmonious and eternal. It is conceptually a counter-image of the supposed miseries of human civilization, and there is only peace, prosperity, and happiness.

I am of the belief that Heaven is only a symbolic expression of a “spiritual condition” where proximity to Creator is defined as heaven. The nature of the soul’s life in the afterlife is beyond comprehension in the physical plane, however the soul will retain its consciousness and individuality to remembering its physical life; the soul will be able to recognize other souls and communicate with them. Death is a process of birth. The world beyond is as different from this world as this world is different from that of the child while still in the womb of his/her mother. Just as the womb constitutes an important place for a person’s initial physical development, the physical world provides for the development of the individual soul. Life as a preparatory stage, where one can develop and perfect those qualities which will be needed in the next life. The key to spiritual progress is to follow the path of truth or positivity, then finally and definitely, will return and be gathered to the glory of its origin. When a soul accomplishes its ultimate objective, it is released from the cycle of births and deaths, and achieves its pure self.

Another conviction of mine is that anything is doable by Human except his own birth and death. Status prior to birth and after death is not possible to be encompassed by any human being, therefore every ideology has its own myth and to agree or disagree is the option of any individual. The majority of the ideologies agree that a human comprises of two major substances i.e.  “Skeleton” and a “Soul”. Both the substances contains common characteristic of development and evolution but there is a major distinction between the two. The Skeleton has the limitations while the Soul’s development is limitless. Keeping in view we can logically state that both cannot go together along a limitless journey, moreover the initially defined characteristics also seconds this conviction that the Skeleton is mortal while the Soul is immortal.

As a matter of principle a Skeleton is bound to obey its Soul but due to negative material influences Skeleton is polluted and tries to overriding the commands of its Soul. When this imbalance crosses the limits, its Soul departs in search of another dwelling substance of its liking. By enhancing the positivity of the Skeleton helps purification of its Soul as well by minimizing the gap in between and the companionship can be extended to higher limits. This process of strengthening the relationship also improves the quality of Skeleton’s life. There are so many techniques for the achievement through above process as described by the experts of this subject like Messengers of Creator, Philosophers, Scientists, and Research Scholars etc.

Heaven and Hell or Reward and Punishment is the final tool to be utilized for the innocent human who does not accept the supremacy of a human who wishes to differentiate himself to be portrayed as God of any imaginary subject or field to strengthen his influence. The Scientists, Philosophers or Scholars born for welfare of Humanity do not require becoming hero, rather they serve the humanity without any interest or taking support of false illusion coated influence. These personalities are themselves so Heavenly that they don’t need to tempt or threat like Heaven or Hell. Having said that their guidance enhances their positivity and quality of their lives becomes so heavenly that they neither need to be greedy of any Heaven nor they are afraid of any Hell.

 At every stage of life there is a different tool used for motivation of doing any “good” and to discourage for “bad” doing. Up to the age of maturity we cannot make a child to understand that by telling truth he or she will go to Heaven while by telling a lie he or she will go to Hell, then how can we make an infant to understand this equation? This state of our mind is just because of the fact that up to the age of maturity it is very easy to handle any human for two reasons:

  1. We are not interested in having a command upon them rather the motive is just focused on making them a better Human without any of our major interest.
  2. It is very easy to handle them during the immature age, hence any big temptation or threat is not needed to show our influence.
  3. Our purpose can be easily achieved by a very little or small amount of reward and punishment according to age of up to maturity which does not work after that limit.

After crossing that immaturity the whole scenario is totally changed and it becomes as follows:

  1. We definitely want to have a command over them but the motive is absolutely reversed. Now the main focus is shifted to gain major interest of ours and to make them a better human lacks behind to a minimum level.
  2. It becomes more and more difficult to handle at the age of maturity; hence different other tools are utilized as rewards and punishment according to the situation which is constituted by a specific person, a specific incident or act of doing anything and off course specific environment around at that very moment.
  3. A very large amount of tempt is needed as a reward and a very effective threat is required as a symbol of punishment and the most effective plus long lasting mind engraving symbolic reward and punishment is Heaven and Hell which has its impact for whole of the life as both are said to be awarded in the life after death. Therefore the whole life suffers a state of suspicion and confusion but the fear in the sub-conscious does not permit to be freed of this concept, moreover the cultural and religious boundaries becomes the greatest hurdles in defiance for any weaker humans.

I am confident that pre-historic era was totally clean of any threat to human except the threat of the physically more powerful creature or any substance of the Universe which had a potential to cause any damage to his being, like Sea, wind and fire etc., which he started to worship with the expectation of reward in the shape of not causing any damage to him or his property. Further evolutionary process added some more fears or threats and hence different methods of bowing down were also reformed, as a result the shapes of rewards were also formulated totally in different manners like rain was also considered as threat to human’s life as well as a reward for his crops. This phenomenon exists even in the modern word after so much of evolution and technological development because whatever is visible is to be believed.

Modern age human utilized this phenomenon for self interest and for the vested interests in the long term. He diverted this principle of reward and punishment with a tempt of Heaven and a threat of Hell in different types of explanations riding on different type of ideologies just like sugar coated pills to willingly prepare his weaker companions to bow down. With the evolution of human intelligence it was not very difficult for him to make others believe those phenomena which were even not visible by naked eye but could be felt by some illusions, like magic was the biggest tool to impress others and prove himself as the most influential person to be called as God or a messenger of God at least. The weaker humans had no other option than to believe for their survival as there were also threats of loss of life or property being used and finally the concept of Heaven and Hell was very appealing in the perceptive of unseen and unknown fears or threats’ phenomena.

It is of utmost importance that above stated opinion of mine is not at all a sweeping statement for all the humans in the past or at present as there were great humans in the past who never wanted to rule the weaker ones and still they spread the correct message of truth to serve the humanity without even declaring their identity and these types of humans are still there but the pollution of souls in the modern era has minimized their influence that is why the humanity is being washed away and a horrendous face of a beast is coming up from the bottom somewhere.


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