I Want to Earn Humanity Not Money

Ganges What if oldest religion followers gather at Ganges for worship? Did this deliver any service to reduce hunger or killing of innocence within India even?

Vatican What if a huge gathering in Vatican every now and then? Did it bring peace or tolerance anywhere in the world?

Haj What if there is largest crowd at Makkah every year? Did it bring any harmony among themselves, peace, tolerance or reduce the hatred among the different sects?

Jews What if a Jewish state came into existence for the survival of its ideological followers just in the middle of many Islamic states? Did it reduce the conflict of ideologies or aggravated the problem every passing day like Indo-Pak conflict?

Answers to all above questions are definitely negative which if someone deny, lives in a fools’ paradise.

My whole life is accidental like my birth which was not in my control and so is of anyone’s. My migration from one country to another at the age of 8 months was accidental. I completed my secondary education accidentally as I was not much interested in British History, Pak Studies, Mughals history, Trigonometry or Calculus, but like a sheep in a herd I went on with undigested subjects along with five of my cousins and lot of friends. I got admission in Polytechnic Institute to become a technician in industry and after few zig zag dropped in an International Airlines accidentally with another herd. Here I enjoyed working and became the first youngest Aeronautical engineer with my hard work and devotion to be proud of for remaining life. I never expected to be retired one day and the whole hardship will be zero one day due to prevailing system in my country. It took one year to settle down then intentionally reverted to my built-in feature of expressing my thoughts since childhood. I am enjoying fighting negativity all around 24/7/365 as I have a different perspective of Universe which is other than taught by elders, school and society. I have the edge to further think differently due to multidimensional experience by travelling around the world except Australia.

My belief is: The Creator of Universe is a Scientist, hence I believe in Science not Religion. Might is always right is the basic principal of all creatures. I have to be physically fit to survive in this world of “Survival of the Fittest” with an amount of money to survive only.


Is “www” A Trap Or A Great Help to Humanity?

web We all know that web is basically a trap build up by a spider to catch hold of her prey and store it for coming days of need. Once a tip of leg of a fly touches any thread of a web, it becomes impossible to detach it and finally the whole fly is covered up with a tight bunch of spider’s thread where it succumbs to death. This is the easiest way of hunting in the world. Beginning of World Wide Web was portrayed by narrow-minded people as the biggest threat to non-users/under developed class throughout the world as happens to every new invention, discovery or exploration. But even after slight misuse, people came to know the beneficial utilization of it which helped in changing the whole world. The social, economical, geographical, historical outcome of Internet brought a revolution which formulated this huge world in to a Global Village where each and every hut became so powerful that monitoring was quite complicated. As history tells us about some inventions were very well utilised for humanity while others were too destructive like atom bomb.

www I am of the view that “www” is in between the gravitational pull and atom bomb. It benefitted me when I was at the death-bed. I didn’t need to dress up and still can attend a webinar/podcast addressed by world’s top leaders, scholars, authors and other intellectuals. There are people making money via internet for their living, entrepreneurs becoming wealthy but I look at the positivity that so many are teaching and helping others to uplift their morals, courage, will power and to enjoying a second but better life. I am thankful to all such great people, no list can be prepared for such humans.

House on Island  Even if someone is totally isolated, he or she can never have a feeling of loneliness through social media, studying/writing books or uploading his / her thoughts to the world is a child’s play now. There is no doubt about the fact that generation gap is widening due to 4G technology or Cloud system but this is not the fault of technology rather it is the cause of an old saying’s implementation i.e “Excess of everything is bad”. The kids who used to live a disorganised and unplanned life without any time table were in loss in older days as they are in present age. We must follow an organised, disciplined and pollution free life pattern which is followed by Nature i.e The Sun, Moon, Rotation of Planets etc.

Do Heaven And Hell Exist?


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Any place of supreme happiness or great comfort can be called as Heaven. A common concept of Heaven is often described as a “highest place”, the “holiest place” or a place somewhere in which existence is positive, harmonious and eternal. It is conceptually a counter-image of the supposed miseries of human civilization, and there is only peace, prosperity, and happiness.

I am of the belief that Heaven is only a symbolic expression of a “spiritual condition” where proximity to Creator is defined as heaven. The nature of the soul’s life in the afterlife is beyond comprehension in the physical plane, however the soul will retain its consciousness and individuality to remembering its physical life; the soul will be able to recognize other souls and communicate with them. Death is a process of birth. The world beyond is as different from this world as this world is different from that of the child while still in the womb of his/her mother…

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Do Heaven And Hell Exist?

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Any place of supreme happiness or great comfort can be called as Heaven. A common concept of Heaven is often described as a “highest place”, the “holiest place” or a place somewhere in which existence is positive, harmonious and eternal. It is conceptually a counter-image of the supposed miseries of human civilization, and there is only peace, prosperity, and happiness.

I am of the belief that Heaven is only a symbolic expression of a “spiritual condition” where proximity to Creator is defined as heaven. The nature of the soul’s life in the afterlife is beyond comprehension in the physical plane, however the soul will retain its consciousness and individuality to remembering its physical life; the soul will be able to recognize other souls and communicate with them. Death is a process of birth. The world beyond is as different from this world as this world is different from that of the child while still in the womb of his/her mother. Just as the womb constitutes an important place for a person’s initial physical development, the physical world provides for the development of the individual soul. Life as a preparatory stage, where one can develop and perfect those qualities which will be needed in the next life. The key to spiritual progress is to follow the path of truth or positivity, then finally and definitely, will return and be gathered to the glory of its origin. When a soul accomplishes its ultimate objective, it is released from the cycle of births and deaths, and achieves its pure self.

Another conviction of mine is that anything is doable by Human except his own birth and death. Status prior to birth and after death is not possible to be encompassed by any human being, therefore every ideology has its own myth and to agree or disagree is the option of any individual. The majority of the ideologies agree that a human comprises of two major substances i.e.  “Skeleton” and a “Soul”. Both the substances contains common characteristic of development and evolution but there is a major distinction between the two. The Skeleton has the limitations while the Soul’s development is limitless. Keeping in view we can logically state that both cannot go together along a limitless journey, moreover the initially defined characteristics also seconds this conviction that the Skeleton is mortal while the Soul is immortal.

As a matter of principle a Skeleton is bound to obey its Soul but due to negative material influences Skeleton is polluted and tries to overriding the commands of its Soul. When this imbalance crosses the limits, its Soul departs in search of another dwelling substance of its liking. By enhancing the positivity of the Skeleton helps purification of its Soul as well by minimizing the gap in between and the companionship can be extended to higher limits. This process of strengthening the relationship also improves the quality of Skeleton’s life. There are so many techniques for the achievement through above process as described by the experts of this subject like Messengers of Creator, Philosophers, Scientists, and Research Scholars etc.

Heaven and Hell or Reward and Punishment is the final tool to be utilized for the innocent human who does not accept the supremacy of a human who wishes to differentiate himself to be portrayed as God of any imaginary subject or field to strengthen his influence. The Scientists, Philosophers or Scholars born for welfare of Humanity do not require becoming hero, rather they serve the humanity without any interest or taking support of false illusion coated influence. These personalities are themselves so Heavenly that they don’t need to tempt or threat like Heaven or Hell. Having said that their guidance enhances their positivity and quality of their lives becomes so heavenly that they neither need to be greedy of any Heaven nor they are afraid of any Hell.

 At every stage of life there is a different tool used for motivation of doing any “good” and to discourage for “bad” doing. Up to the age of maturity we cannot make a child to understand that by telling truth he or she will go to Heaven while by telling a lie he or she will go to Hell, then how can we make an infant to understand this equation? This state of our mind is just because of the fact that up to the age of maturity it is very easy to handle any human for two reasons:

  1. We are not interested in having a command upon them rather the motive is just focused on making them a better Human without any of our major interest.
  2. It is very easy to handle them during the immature age, hence any big temptation or threat is not needed to show our influence.
  3. Our purpose can be easily achieved by a very little or small amount of reward and punishment according to age of up to maturity which does not work after that limit.

After crossing that immaturity the whole scenario is totally changed and it becomes as follows:

  1. We definitely want to have a command over them but the motive is absolutely reversed. Now the main focus is shifted to gain major interest of ours and to make them a better human lacks behind to a minimum level.
  2. It becomes more and more difficult to handle at the age of maturity; hence different other tools are utilized as rewards and punishment according to the situation which is constituted by a specific person, a specific incident or act of doing anything and off course specific environment around at that very moment.
  3. A very large amount of tempt is needed as a reward and a very effective threat is required as a symbol of punishment and the most effective plus long lasting mind engraving symbolic reward and punishment is Heaven and Hell which has its impact for whole of the life as both are said to be awarded in the life after death. Therefore the whole life suffers a state of suspicion and confusion but the fear in the sub-conscious does not permit to be freed of this concept, moreover the cultural and religious boundaries becomes the greatest hurdles in defiance for any weaker humans.

I am confident that pre-historic era was totally clean of any threat to human except the threat of the physically more powerful creature or any substance of the Universe which had a potential to cause any damage to his being, like Sea, wind and fire etc., which he started to worship with the expectation of reward in the shape of not causing any damage to him or his property. Further evolutionary process added some more fears or threats and hence different methods of bowing down were also reformed, as a result the shapes of rewards were also formulated totally in different manners like rain was also considered as threat to human’s life as well as a reward for his crops. This phenomenon exists even in the modern word after so much of evolution and technological development because whatever is visible is to be believed.

Modern age human utilized this phenomenon for self interest and for the vested interests in the long term. He diverted this principle of reward and punishment with a tempt of Heaven and a threat of Hell in different types of explanations riding on different type of ideologies just like sugar coated pills to willingly prepare his weaker companions to bow down. With the evolution of human intelligence it was not very difficult for him to make others believe those phenomena which were even not visible by naked eye but could be felt by some illusions, like magic was the biggest tool to impress others and prove himself as the most influential person to be called as God or a messenger of God at least. The weaker humans had no other option than to believe for their survival as there were also threats of loss of life or property being used and finally the concept of Heaven and Hell was very appealing in the perceptive of unseen and unknown fears or threats’ phenomena.

It is of utmost importance that above stated opinion of mine is not at all a sweeping statement for all the humans in the past or at present as there were great humans in the past who never wanted to rule the weaker ones and still they spread the correct message of truth to serve the humanity without even declaring their identity and these types of humans are still there but the pollution of souls in the modern era has minimized their influence that is why the humanity is being washed away and a horrendous face of a beast is coming up from the bottom somewhere.

My Opinion About Wars

Army troops In any country, the army is always the most powerful and effective party, may it be peace, war or election time. To achieve this position, it has to keep its financial strength as strong as possible along with keeping war issues all-time alive. Consequently and ultimately, the humanitarian values remain at risk. But one can not deny the following fact of “Might is always Right”:

Power of an ancient man was basically blessed to manage food for living like other Creatures. With the passage of time he started misuse of this Physical Power in aid of limited Mind Power to grab land, women and further to make other humans his slaves to become a Chief of a Tribe. Physical and Mental Power combined helped him to enhance his instinct of becoming more and more powerful and now the next fear was his future i.e old age which decreases Physical Power. The only solution of this problem was to build a Physically Powerful team around him for which he evolved a tool of Wealth through which he could purchase accordingly. The basic instinct to become more powerful than him also prevailed in his team, a very serious concern and a biggest challenge for him. He had to invent another tool to counter this unexpected phenomenon. Only extra ordinary humans could resolve it by their wisdom. Some invented unique ideologies like Religions, a divine power of Creator and declared himself representative nominated by divine power. Nature’s power was already experienced by humans of those era hence he demonstrated some Super Natural activities to strengthen his declaration to create influence through fear. This tool was so effective that it continues till today. Different ideologies existed for centuries despite a tug of war among each other but use of force instead convincing power causing destruction of Humanity and the beauty of this Planet, nothing else.

May it be any issue, finally is resolved with the abuse of power in favor of powerful, whether human is civilized or not, because “Might is Always Right”.

A Good Opponent Made Me Champion

Me & Ambreen0001

Yes, the following law made my life, a Champion’s life, 26 years and 9 months of total, out of which initial 7 years were very hard due to a good and strong opponent, but rest of the majority years were happy like exemplary.

Pic of Newton's 3rd.LawThe law of action-reaction (Newton’s third law) explains the nature of the forces between the two interacting objects. According to the law, the force exerted by object 1 upon object 2 is equal in magnitude and opposite in direction to the force exerted by object 2 upon object 1. How a good opponent can make champion, if the above statement is true. When this law was revisited, it is explained like:

Golf Champ.

Consider the collision between the club head and the golf ball in the sport of golf. When the club head of a moving golf club collides with a golf ball at rest upon a tee, the force experienced by the club head is equal to the force experienced by the golf ball. Most observers of this collision have difficulty with this concept because they perceive the high speed given to the ball as the result of the collision. They are not observing unequal forces upon the ball and club head, but rather unequal accelerations. Both club head and ball experience equal forces, yet the ball experiences a greater acceleration due to its smaller mass. In a collision, there is a force on both objects that causes an acceleration of both objects. The forces are equal in magnitude and opposite in direction, yet the least massive object receives the greatest acceleration.

See, what Newton says: one object is hitting the other; low mass could not finally stand at its place and goes too far. Heavy mass stays off and becomes the Champion, not the ball. Similarly a car cannot move on a highway if its tires has no treads, which create friction to rotate the wheels under Newton’s law, otherwise the car will skid / slip on the road. I have heard (not confirmed) that Aristotle said “I am not going to marry till I find my (to-be life partner) says it is night time, when I say it is daytime as I will not enjoy life with a similar understanding of my life partner. Another definite theory of magnetism is “Like poles repel each other while opposite poles attract”. To move forward we have to discuss not to agree only but to decide who is wrong and who is right.

As far as Champion in sports is concerned, I became All Pakistan YMCA Table Tennis Champion at the age of 14 after defeating some good, tough opponents in Quarter Final and Semi Final. You know what does understanding / similar thought in sports means? Answer is anyone can become Champion if they agree upon a fixed amount in currency. I have never been a Champion of that type in any field as I believe in tough competition.