Power of Eyeball©


Eyeball has similar characteristics as of a Black Hole except the magnitude and frequency of radiation is under control of the person who owns it. The brain formulates this radiation according to thoughts and arms the eyeball to fire love or hate upon anyone’s eyeball, initially within a certain limited range, later extended to beyond all boundaries, provided there is harmony in response. The pattern of emission lies in the range of infra-red as of any remote control, invisible to a naked eye. Another difference, black hole sucks everything in to its inner core, while black ball of the eye can do vice versa. This technical phenomenon can be translated for a common man like an attractive or repulsive force of a person to love someone or to be loved by someone.

Eyeballs of two different humans, within the controllable range, can be either of same-sex or of the opposite sex. Body contact comes as the next step as natural instinct of all creatures. History books tell us that The Creator started the process of generation with a couple of male and female, may it be Adam and Eve or whatever. No doubt same-sex may be attracted towards each other, focus here is not the sex but the force / power of radiation emitted from any eyeball. Physical appearance of the face, the body, hairstyle or dressing is of least concern at the time of switching on the radiation. The first instant’s response of the remote eyeball will determine how to interact further once it is tuned properly. Eyeball is the first step of a tunnel for a Mind Reader that leads to heart and mind of people. A mind reader makes a fun of it on streets, makes it a profession for earning or utilizes to rob females financially or sexually.

There is totally another different application of “Power of Eyeball”. Close your eyes, reverse radiation towards your own brain to develop the intensity in positive direction by trimming the negative peaks. This will transform analog sinusoidal wave in to digital pulse (Square wave) having only positive peaks as shown:

SineSquare wave

The Eyeball which emits square wave digital pulse can act as remote control pulse to command the objective Eyeball according to thoughts being generated in the subject brain. If these thought are purely composed of Love, there is no logic to deny the positive impact on the object. There is no need of any special get up like Justin Bieber’s hair-cut, fire orange dress of a Sadhu, a long beard to prove a Religious Scholar or a black suit to look like an Illusionist. A square wave represents only two states, “0” and “1”, in a snap action. A “1” state can push up negative peak of sine wave towards positive peak when superimposed through a remote-controlled positive radiation of another Eyeball.

Black hole

A black hole is a mathematically defined region of space-time exhibiting such a strong gravitational pull that no particle or electromagnetic radiation can escape from it.

A single shot of digital pulse filled with love is like an arrow pulled and hit its target which cannot run away like a wounded prey, just try sincerely.


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