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Another Acheivement on In.

A lower or middle level educated person with extra ordinary experience can achieve an Expert level Certification in any field but a highly educated one will be able to obtain an Excellence Level in the field relevant to his subject in Higher Education. To be experienced in any field one has to start practical life as early as possible as said “Practice makes a man Perfect”. It is debatable issue since long that a fresh degree holder is rejected due lack of experience and an experienced person is rejected due lack of education. Naturally every individual has his own circumstances to take an early start of practical life or just keeps on getting Higher Education to become a scholar where financial benefits are secondary issue. Nature has set up a well organized system of Universe and allotted various responsibilities according to suitability and capability of its structure and characteristics on merit, but when it comes to various creatures like human, it is all disturbed due mishandling of merit. By declaring my Profile as “Expert” demands that even with lower education I must utilize my experience to suggest the coming generations that one must stick to his aim, follow the track to reach any goal within the limitations of his circumstances. Here the responsibility of Government / Non government  institutions is to provide Higher Education facilities along with Vocational Training Centres for two-third population of the world to enable an early start of getting experience in the field of their interest / choice. That is the only way out to minimize unemployment and increase in quality product of Entrepreneur / skilled worker.


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