Prevailing System Will Not Work


Criticism is the easiest job, suggest corrective measures is the most difficult one. Mere criticism helps in increase of chaos and frustration, while proposing solutions to improve / resolve brings satisfaction and results are constructive depending upon the practicability and implementation. Here are some proposals to change Pakistan if someone has the will.

  1. Someone honest to himself, sincere to people of Pakistan and Powerful decision maker Robin Hood type character must take over the lead.
  2. He should nominate all top political leaders as Chief Police Commissioners of all provinces even if new provinces needed by bifurcating the larger ones.
  3. Appointment of Police Commissioners in all district throughout country must be done out of prominent political figures of the relevant districts answerable to Chief Police commissioner.
  4. Funding of Law Enforcement Force must be managed by Political Party Leaders in collaboration with elite class by hook or crook keeping their welfare in consideration within appropriate limits.
  5. Economic Policy of the country must be designed and implemented by Chief Police Commissioners.
  6. Foreign Policy of the country must be completely in the hands of Armed Forces after consultations with all Chief Police Commissioners.
  7. Welfare of the people will be collective responsibility of Chief Police Commissioners and Armed Forces.
  8. Judicial system of the country should constitute a Supreme Judicial Commission pertaining to Robin Hood and all Chief Police Commissioners.
  9. To facilitate common man, a lower Judiciary should comprise of Police Commissioners and his nominees from various prominent political parties.
  10. There are many highly capable, competent, loyal and sincere intellectuals, Law experts, Journalists in the country who can be utilized as Think Tank of Robin Hood.

Initial and most impractical step looks to be no.1, but history reminds us that Robin Hood, Sultana Daku, El Capone, Malik Riaz and almost all Kings are the personalities liked by majority but neither they want to participate, nor interested in Democratic Political System. It may look funny to readers but after focusing the responsibilities of Armed Forces today, I am worried for tomorrow when, God forbid, blame game will shift towards them as per plan of COD.


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