Trust on Seymour M. Hersh

Seymore  Seymour M. Hersh wrote a free essay on “London Review of Books” which was posted on FB by me on May 11 at 9:40am and till today the no. has gone up to 15,088 and a debate is still on throughout 28 Television News Channels of Pakistan regarding the authenticity of this essay while the LRB website itself declares: London Review of Books

“Every fortnight, the LRB brings you the biggest names in contemporary fiction, the clearest voices in philosophy, the most eloquent opinion-formers in politics and science and much more. Readers of the London Review of Books have come to expect inspired matches of writer and subject. Often provocative and always original, our writers do more than just review books – they analyse, inform and interrogate world culture. So connect with the world’s most entertaining writers and critics. And rethink every assumption you hold by taking the London Review of Books in your hands today.”

PTV vs  The debate going on is about the truthfulness of the essay which has become the top story these days. I would like to comment that as parent I lose my credibility when I teach my children to tell any one on the phone (Landline) or at the door, that I am not home but the very next moment deliver a lecture to all my children that no matter what happens, you must not tell a lie in whole of your lives. Is it not contemporary fiction and most entertaining act of mine and of most of the parents?
Seymour is also a normal human being and Pakistan Army constitutes humans too. The difference between the two is that one’s job is to write an essay while other is bound to protect the boundaries / ideology of a state.
Pakistan_Army_Emblem  I am not supposed to advice, neither a request is needed to Pakistan Army as regulation of the media is the responsibility of the states in the interest of STATE.

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