About Yemen Crises

Portrait_of_Akbar_by_Manohar zab ns

Akbar The Great was enthroned at the age of just 13 years, was an illiterate person but utilized the wisdom of his nine best brains of the era like Abul-Fazel, Faizi, Miyan ,Tansen, Birbal, Raja Todar Mal, Raja Man Singh, Abdul Rahim Khan-I-Khana, Fakir Aziao-Din and Mullah Do Piaza and ruled all of the Indian Subcontinent north of the Godavari river. His power and influence, however, extended over the entire country because of Mughal military, political, cultural, and economic dominance and was awarded a title of Shāhanshāh (“Emperor” or “King of Kings”).

His association with the Muslim aristocracy was to adopt an attitude of suppression towards Muslim sects that were condemned by the orthodoxy as heretical. In 1567, on the advice of Shaikh Abdu’n Nabi, he ordered the exhumation of Mir Murtaza Sharifi Shirazi – a Shia buried in Delhi – because of the grave’s proximity to that of Amir Khusrau, arguing that a “heretic” could not be buried so close to the grave of a Sunni saint, reflecting a restrictive attitude towards the Shia, which continued to persist till the early 1570s.

Now we look at third time elected Prime Minister of Pakistan, Head of Atomic Power and Fort if Islam got an opportunity to lead Muslim world at the crisis of Yemen handed over the crown of leadership in a dish to Head of Turkey because he does not either have the capacity to talk to Saudi Arab and Iran behind this proxy war or have the fear of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s execution.

OIC (Organization of the Islamic Conference) is impotent and called “OH I see”. Super Power and its allies is planning to create another   Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi Shāhanshāh (“Emperor” or “King of Kings”) to use as a pivotal tool in the region of Middle East and South Asia. Future planning might be to convert Macca, Madina and Karbala cities like Vatican city. Other sects of Islam may open branches in any majority sectarian holding cities as they are uncountable.


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