3rd. and Final Phase of New World Order


There is no need of going into details of 1st. phase of New World Order as much have been written on this phase and lot of details are available on Internet and so many books.


Without going into details, it is enough to say that this was the continuity of 1st. phase.


Here I would like to stress upon the pivotal point of all the three phases as left and right extreme personalities are common and major Statesmen who has the vision about the globe and space too. They have made their states “Super Powers” with the help and assistance of their people to deserve this position as it is said “First deserve and then desire”. They possess all the three constituents to imply the phenomenon “Might is always Right”, basic instinct of Human provided by Almighty, the most powerful who is definitely always right according to all ideologies since the birth of Universe. Those three constituents are:

1. Physical Manpower

2. Mind Power inclusive of hidden powers.

3. Financial Power i.e maximum of wealth available around and inside the globe provided by Almighty for his Creatures.

The pivotal point is just a tool to achieve No.3 Power like a wooden arrow used by prehistoric human which was just a deadwood made strong enough by wisdom to kill the strongest beast.

It is just a food for thought for the states who owns lot of wealth and atom bombs even.


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