United Nation’s Response to My Peace Rquest


This post is neither to impress readers nor to show love for USA but it is to prove that my first migration from Agra (India) was so painful that I never preferred to migrate anymore to any country despite real and practicable opportunities during my whole life. This is just to prove: What a Leadership means for a common man which I am still alive to see in Pakistan unfortunately? I never received any response of any suggestion / request even from any Party’s Leader.

President of USA responded my request for Peace around the Globe the very next day as follows:

 Dec 23 at 5:34 PM

  • me
Organizing for Action
I just wanted to say: Thanks for stepping up.

We’re proud to have you on the Organizing for Action team.

OFA is built by millions of Americans, all across the country, who care enough to take ownership in the fight for change.

We’re the ones willing to go toe to toe with the most powerful interests, and willing to work our tails off to make sure the voices of ordinary Americans get heard — not just the ones with the most money or influence.

And we’re committed to training the next generation of amazing grassroots organizers, because we’re never done building this movement. This is all about taking action to fight for the change you want to see.

With your help, OFA is the biggest direct threat to the way the powerful special interest groups do business. That’s why I couldn’t be more excited to organize alongside you — have fun and keep fighting. Thanks — more soon,


Sara El-Amine

Executive Director

Organizing for Action


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