Definition of Creator: ∞ is my Creator. (∞ is the symbol of an abstract concept describing something without any limit and is relevant in a number of fields, predominantly mathematics and physics).

Power of Creator = (∞ +) (∞ -)

(∞ +) is unlimited substance towards increasing number or expression of expansion towards infinite condition.

(∞ -) is unlimited substance towards decreasing number or expression of contraction towards infinite condition.

One cannot even imagine the Power after multiplication of both i.e.

POWER OF CREATOR= Unknown and unlimited power of expansion multiplied by unknown and unlimited power of contraction i.e. (∞ +) (∞ -)

Sketch: Page 14.

Scale of Universe: [Copy & paste in address bar of Internet search to watch Video].

Definition of Human: Human is the topmost Predator and Humanity is his best Prey. Following are his tools which make him the best in all creatures:-

  1. Sufficiently powerful multi-purpose body with unlimited adaptability.
  2. Unlimited mind power.
  3. Unlimited resources needed to prey upon.

The Humanity

                Humanity is divided in to two major classes i.e. a ruling class and a class which is being ruled. These classes are modified shapes of “Have” and “Have not” when the second class had the right to struggle for its survival while in present scenario this right has been snatched by multiple techniques utilized by “Have” and to share the ruling elite from the back door is one of those. Different philosophical ideologies, religions and scientific research were used to explore the secrets of The Creator whereas in this era of evolution, these are the best tools to make or break the states to rule accordingly.

I am highly grateful to the Scientists, Research Scholars, Authors and different websites’ Content Writers whose hard work and devotion made my job easy to reach to a satisfactory conclusion though many a times I had difference of opinion. I hope that original piece of my writing will help my brother humans to come out of illusion and review their thoughts to revive the true and real humanity instead of being a beast of materialism. This will also reduce frustration, chaos and fear of unknowns.


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