Best Creative Writer


Creator of Universe is The Best Creative Writer who composed holy books but with the passage of time those were corrupted by interfaith virus. The software of this virus was developed by humans who had all the three tools needed i.e. Physical Power, Mental Power and Financial Power. These are the basic tools to develop the hidden wish of any human to become almighty enabling him to rule the entire world. To be creative or to be a creative writer is totally a different mindset which has nothing to do with such type of greedy wishes, rather it is passion to give or deliver something to the world.

Everyone cannot become either Aristotle who was the first original Scientist of the world, Einstein, Valmiki or Ghalib. There are always some pre-requisites for creative activity like basic and most significant characteristics of soil is fertility to produce any crop. Similarly Creative Writer is not brought from space or any other planet but he is a person who has the potential of creative thinking as built-in feature and has the tendency to extract his own original perception through observatory world. This characteristic differentiates him from others right in the childhood and when he attains experience of years, he becomes a Creative Writer. One aspect throughout this period is debatable whether a person who perceives a positivity out of the happenings or a negativity out of the similar situation. Generally both categories are called Creative if they explain the impact in a unique manner except that they are listed in different categories. I am of the opinion that no doubt both personalities create an impression of creativity but positive impact of any creation deserves to be called as “Creation” which is a significant characteristic of Universal Creator and all other creations towards negativity are accounted as hurdles or obstructions in the course of progress and development of civilization. Positive sign represents addition and negative sign represents a trend towards zero or nothing left, hence this is obligatory that a person having positive thoughts is a form of constructiveness while a person of negative thoughts is not only a drag to his own subject but also must have a negative impact on his health due to restrained anger against the subject of his criticism which can cause to induce the mother of all diseases, anxiety.

In nutshell a Creative Writer is a writer of positive approach and conveys his or her message to motivate the reader for positive thinking. He/she has the art of creating a positive aspect out of every negative perception and shapes it to leave an impact positively.


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