Might is Always Right

Power of an ancient man was basically blessed to manage food for living like other Creatures. With the passage of time he started misuse of this Physical Power in aid of limited Mind Power to grab land, women and further to make other humans his slaves to become a Chief of a Tribe. Physical and Mental Power combined helped him to enhance his instinct of becoming more and more powerful and now the next fear was his future i.e old age which decreases Physical Power. The only solution of this problem was to build a Physically Powerful team around him for which he evolved a tool of Wealth through which he could purchase accordingly. The basic instinct to become more powerful than him also prevailed in his team, a very serious concern and a biggest challenge for him. He had to invent another tool to counter this unexpected phenomenon. Only extra ordinary humans could resolve it by their wisdom. Some invented unique ideologies like Religions, a divine power of Creator and declared himself representative nominated by divine power. Nature’s power was already experienced by humans of those era hence he demonstrated some Super Natural activities to strengthen his declaration to create influence through fear. This tool was so effective that it continues till today. Different ideologies existed for centuries despite a tug of war among each other but use of force instead convincing power causing destruction of Humanity and the beauty of this Planet, nothing else.

Watch the video by clicking this link:


I have not leaked out any secret through this above para but have tried to put an emphasis at my conviction that “Might is Always Right”. Might’s composition is:

  1. Physical Power
  2. Mental Power
  3. Financial Power

The Creator of Universe has Infinite Power composed of  Infinite Elements which are beyond my thoughts even, that is why he is called “Almighty” and I name him “INFINITY”


5 thoughts on “Might is Always Right

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