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Ever since Evolution Process started, many hundreds of thousands of years ago tribal system came into existence which is continuing till today. The House of Saud and its allies quickly rose to become the dominant sovereignty in Arabia by first conquering Nejd, and then expanding their influence over the eastern coast which measures from Kuwait down to the northern borders of Oman. Furthermore, Saud’s forces brought the highlands of Asir under their suzerainty, while Muhammed bin Abd Al Wahhab wrote letters to people and scholars to enter the field of jihad, by means of debate and scholarly work, to remove elements of polytheism which existed in their countries such as Iraq, Egypt, India, Yemen and Syria. After many military campaigns, Saud died in 1765, leaving the leadership to his son, Abdul Aziz Bin Muhammad. Saud’s forces went so far as to gain command of the Shi’a holy city of Karbala in 1801. Here they destroyed grave markers of saints and monuments, which the ultra-conservative Salafi brand of Islam considers to be acts of polytheism. Eleven years after the death of Muhammed bin Abd Al Wahhab the son of Abdul Aziz Bin Muhammad, Saud bin Abdul-Aziz bin Muhammad bin Saud, set out forces to bring the region of Hejaz under his rule. Taif was the first city to be captured, and later the two holy cities of Macca and Madina. This was seen as a major challenge to the authority of the Ottoman Empire, which had exercised its rule over the holy cities since 1517.

The House of Saud is the ruling royal family of Saudi Arabia. The family has thousands of members. It is composed of the descendants of Muhammad bin Saud and his brothers, though the ruling faction of the family is primarily led by the descendants of Abdulaziz Ibn Saud. The most influential member of the Royal family is the King of Saudi Arabia, currently King Salman.

Macca is the holy city for Muslims because of Muhammad’s (PBUH) birth place and Madina being the first ever Islamic state of the history. Point to ponder is that  Muhammad’s (PBUH) did not name this state after his name while Saud’s tribal leader named the whole Arab State after his name as Saudi Arabia, first ever state in the history name to exhibit a powerful person who was titled as “Khadmain Shareefain”. Unfortunately all respects were awarded to him and his family descendants similar to the one given to Macca and Madina and followers of Muhammad’s (PBUH) forgot his last address at last Hajj occasion. There are so many factors for this malpractice still in continuity like social and economical.

Above are the main factors to divide Muslim Ummah and have become a great cause of conflicts among Islamic states. I am of the belief and absolute conviction that if my house is in order then no outsider can interfere into my domestic affairs.


3rd. and Final Phase of New World Order


There is no need of going into details of 1st. phase of New World Order as much have been written on this phase and lot of details are available on Internet and so many books.


Without going into details, it is enough to say that this was the continuity of 1st. phase.


Here I would like to stress upon the pivotal point of all the three phases as left and right extreme personalities are common and major Statesmen who has the vision about the globe and space too. They have made their states “Super Powers” with the help and assistance of their people to deserve this position as it is said “First deserve and then desire”. They possess all the three constituents to imply the phenomenon “Might is always Right”, basic instinct of Human provided by Almighty, the most powerful who is definitely always right according to all ideologies since the birth of Universe. Those three constituents are:

1. Physical Manpower

2. Mind Power inclusive of hidden powers.

3. Financial Power i.e maximum of wealth available around and inside the globe provided by Almighty for his Creatures.

The pivotal point is just a tool to achieve No.3 Power like a wooden arrow used by prehistoric human which was just a deadwood made strong enough by wisdom to kill the strongest beast.

It is just a food for thought for the states who owns lot of wealth and atom bombs even.

I’m not a liar but Facebook sure is.

Fieleke Front Porch

I have some confessions about pictures I pulled from my Facebook feed…


In this picture, what you see ismy sweet Ru & I, snuggled up happy as can be. What you don’t see is that my best friend was in town visiting me taking care of me because I really hate it when Josh travels for work for a week and I have to hold down the fort with a 2 & 4 year old.


In this picture, what you see are the cutest little girls ever with their beaming proud Momma. What you can’t see is that this was the day after our social worker told us it will probably be a long wait to adopt a baby, longer than we hoped, and I was still processing and grieving that news.

10959617_10101604449966544_6846384602493608323_nIn this picture, you obviously see my stud of a husband making me a really happy lady. But…

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United Nation’s Response to My Peace Rquest


This post is neither to impress readers nor to show love for USA but it is to prove that my first migration from Agra (India) was so painful that I never preferred to migrate anymore to any country despite real and practicable opportunities during my whole life. This is just to prove: What a Leadership means for a common man which I am still alive to see in Pakistan unfortunately? I never received any response of any suggestion / request even from any Party’s Leader.

President of USA responded my request for Peace around the Globe the very next day as follows:

 Dec 23 at 5:34 PM

  • me
Organizing for Action
I just wanted to say: Thanks for stepping up.

We’re proud to have you on the Organizing for Action team.

OFA is built by millions of Americans, all across the country, who care enough to take ownership in the fight for change.

We’re the ones willing to go toe to toe with the most powerful interests, and willing to work our tails off to make sure the voices of ordinary Americans get heard — not just the ones with the most money or influence.

And we’re committed to training the next generation of amazing grassroots organizers, because we’re never done building this movement. This is all about taking action to fight for the change you want to see.

With your help, OFA is the biggest direct threat to the way the powerful special interest groups do business. That’s why I couldn’t be more excited to organize alongside you — have fun and keep fighting. Thanks — more soon,


Sara El-Amine

Executive Director

Organizing for Action



Definition of Creator: ∞ is my Creator. (∞ is the symbol of an abstract concept describing something without any limit and is relevant in a number of fields, predominantly mathematics and physics).

Power of Creator = (∞ +) (∞ -)

(∞ +) is unlimited substance towards increasing number or expression of expansion towards infinite condition.

(∞ -) is unlimited substance towards decreasing number or expression of contraction towards infinite condition.

One cannot even imagine the Power after multiplication of both i.e.

POWER OF CREATOR= Unknown and unlimited power of expansion multiplied by unknown and unlimited power of contraction i.e. (∞ +) (∞ -)

Sketch: Page 14.

Scale of Universe: [Copy & paste in address bar of Internet search to watch Video].

Definition of Human: Human is the topmost Predator and Humanity is his best Prey. Following are his tools which make him the best in all creatures:-

  1. Sufficiently powerful multi-purpose body with unlimited adaptability.
  2. Unlimited mind power.
  3. Unlimited resources needed to prey upon.

The Humanity

                Humanity is divided in to two major classes i.e. a ruling class and a class which is being ruled. These classes are modified shapes of “Have” and “Have not” when the second class had the right to struggle for its survival while in present scenario this right has been snatched by multiple techniques utilized by “Have” and to share the ruling elite from the back door is one of those. Different philosophical ideologies, religions and scientific research were used to explore the secrets of The Creator whereas in this era of evolution, these are the best tools to make or break the states to rule accordingly.

I am highly grateful to the Scientists, Research Scholars, Authors and different websites’ Content Writers whose hard work and devotion made my job easy to reach to a satisfactory conclusion though many a times I had difference of opinion. I hope that original piece of my writing will help my brother humans to come out of illusion and review their thoughts to revive the true and real humanity instead of being a beast of materialism. This will also reduce frustration, chaos and fear of unknowns.

Tips for Happiness in Daily Life

A real “Truth” applicable to all Humans.

Silas Payton


Some days are harder than others. Some days it feels like from the moment you wake up, things are difficult. You stub your toe on the way to the shower. You find out there’s no more soap. You drop your razor and it breaks. Every have one of those? Ya, who hasn’t.

The question is…should this dictate the rest of the day? Should 15 minutes control your emotions and the way you see things throughout the remainder of the challenges, encounters, and exchanges you have for the entire day? This could easily be the case. Once we get looking for and expecting everything to be going wrong, sure enough we’ll find it.

It doesn’t have to be that way. It’s damn hard to do sometimes, but there are ways we can change the direction of our day. We can be aware of our thoughts, be kind to people, breath deeply…

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Best Creative Writer


Creator of Universe is The Best Creative Writer who composed holy books but with the passage of time those were corrupted by interfaith virus. The software of this virus was developed by humans who had all the three tools needed i.e. Physical Power, Mental Power and Financial Power. These are the basic tools to develop the hidden wish of any human to become almighty enabling him to rule the entire world. To be creative or to be a creative writer is totally a different mindset which has nothing to do with such type of greedy wishes, rather it is passion to give or deliver something to the world.

Everyone cannot become either Aristotle who was the first original Scientist of the world, Einstein, Valmiki or Ghalib. There are always some pre-requisites for creative activity like basic and most significant characteristics of soil is fertility to produce any crop. Similarly Creative Writer is not brought from space or any other planet but he is a person who has the potential of creative thinking as built-in feature and has the tendency to extract his own original perception through observatory world. This characteristic differentiates him from others right in the childhood and when he attains experience of years, he becomes a Creative Writer. One aspect throughout this period is debatable whether a person who perceives a positivity out of the happenings or a negativity out of the similar situation. Generally both categories are called Creative if they explain the impact in a unique manner except that they are listed in different categories. I am of the opinion that no doubt both personalities create an impression of creativity but positive impact of any creation deserves to be called as “Creation” which is a significant characteristic of Universal Creator and all other creations towards negativity are accounted as hurdles or obstructions in the course of progress and development of civilization. Positive sign represents addition and negative sign represents a trend towards zero or nothing left, hence this is obligatory that a person having positive thoughts is a form of constructiveness while a person of negative thoughts is not only a drag to his own subject but also must have a negative impact on his health due to restrained anger against the subject of his criticism which can cause to induce the mother of all diseases, anxiety.

In nutshell a Creative Writer is a writer of positive approach and conveys his or her message to motivate the reader for positive thinking. He/she has the art of creating a positive aspect out of every negative perception and shapes it to leave an impact positively.